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January 7, 2007

‘High Fives’ Sudoku puzzle debuts today

Readers who enjoy solving the popular Sudoku puzzles will find a new challenge awaiting them today. Our new Sudoku High Fives puzzle can be found on page 6E.

It’s not a puzzle you’ll be able to complete in a few minutes. High Fives features five regular Sudoku grids, sharing one set of 3-by-3 boxes. Puzzlers must use numerals one through nine — without repeating — in each row, column and mini-square.

High Fives will appear every Sunday, along with the answer to the previous week’s puzzle. The traditional single-grid Sudoku puzzles will continue to appear in our Classified section seven days a week....

Another new Times-News feature is the ability to order prints of our news photographs online. Visit and click on Order Photos under the news headlines of the day. You will then be taken to a gallery featuring photographs that have appeared on Page One, the Regional page and Sports section.

Photos ranging in size from wallet to 24-by-36-inch are available. You can even have a photo printed on a coffee mug or mousepad....

The mild weather we have been experiencing apparently will last until spring. The Weather Channel’s 90-day forecast calls for milder than normal temperatures for all of the Mid-Atlantic states. Precipitation is expected to be about average in our area, but below average in the Ohio River Valley....

From the folks who brought us the unpopular Sacagawea golden dollar now comes the golden presidential dollar. The U.S. Mint will roll out the first of the new dollar coins in mid-February.

The dollars will commemorate the service of former U.S. Presidents, in the order in which they held the nation’s highest office. For 2007, the coins will feature George Washington, then John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

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