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June 2, 2007

Emotions high at Beall

Frostburg school will be demolished to make way for Mountain Ridge stadium

FROSTBURG — The words of an Allegany County Board of Education member summed up the feelings of everyone in attendance at Beall High School’s graduation Friday night, when she said: “It’s an emotional day for me and I went to school in New Jersey.”

Speaking about the emotions that were riding high not just for the graduates, but also for their families, Karen Treber got to the heart of the matter, as the final commencement ceremony was held for the students of a school that has seen 110 such ceremonies during its long history. Then she gave them one of the many pieces of sage advice they heard throughout the evening.

“Use your imagination to decide your future. Then use knowledge to go out and get what you want,” Turner said.

The fu-ture was spoken of by everyone who took a turn at the podium, in-cluding Bill AuMiller. The superintendent of schools called “ironic” the fact that “school days are spent yearning for the future,” and the rest of one’s life is spent reminiscing about days that were spent in school.

Everyone who took to the stage also spoke about the finality of the occasion, as area students who would have gone to Beall will instead attend Mountain Ridge High School when school resumes in autumn. It was a topic the seniors were discussing as they adjusted their caps and fastened their gowns, while preparing beforehand for the ceremony.

“I like the tradition. Everyone in my family except my mom graduated from Beall ... and I’m sad she can’t follow through with that tradition,” Lindsay Hanna said. Her sister, who is just 10, will be affected by the demolition of Beall High, when it is razed to make way for the new high school’s athletic facilities.

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