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December 26, 2008

Commissioners explain rationale for creation of the Bureau of Police

After months of enduring public comments and published misinformation we, the county commissioners, would like this letter to serve to refocus the public debate on the facts and merits of our decision to create a Bureau of Police.

The following statements are facts concerning our decision:

1. Sheriff David Goad has overspent his budget by $930,000 of taxpayers’ dollars without any explanation of these overruns. The county, by law, is responsible for his expenditures.

2. Sheriff Goad has exposed the county to numerous lawsuits through his inaction to respond to legal requests for information. In fact, one of those cases was recently settled, costing the county approximately $2,113 because he would not respond to a Freedom of Information request.

3. During Sheriff Goad’s management, the Sheriff’s Department has been investigated three times concerning misappropriation of federal and state grants, along with the misuse of off-duty overtime for this department.

These investigations revealed that under Sheriff Goad:

1. Official documents were shredded; the investigators were impeded by his efforts to stall and were not provided information.

2. Money was paid for police work that was not performed.

3. Money was paid to deputies without being put through the County Finance Office first.

In the last investigation, a lieutenant was forced to retire under allegations of misuse of a school bus grant.

This past year, when the county made a vehicle take-home policy, the sheriff refused to abide by it.

The sheriff refused to attend his budget meeting this year with the county commissioners.

These are the facts of why the county commissioners took action to create the Bureau of Police. It was to protect the tax dollars and taxpayers of Allegany County.

County Commissioners

of Allegany County, Md.

James J. Stakem, president

Robert M. Hutcheson

Dale R. Lewis

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