Cumberland Times-News


August 30, 2009

Strip clubs

Mineral County tries to keep them at arm’s length

Mineral County’s government did the best it could last week in trying to keep strip clubs in line. The county commissioners voted to regulate where sexually-oriented businesses set up shop.

After several years of struggling to gain some control over adult entertainment, the commissioners approved an ordinance restricting adult businesses from locating within 2,500 feet of a school church or residential area. Earlier this summer, similar laws were enacted in two other West Virginia counties — Morgan and Berkeley.

The Mineral County ordinance also requires potential business owners to pay $500 for a permit.

Even though the new law should help keep strip clubs in line, Commissioner Wayne Spiggle is unhappy that the issue of alcohol at the clubs has not been addressed.

“I think it ignores one of the most troubling aspects of this business, the use of alcohol while taking part in erotic entertainment. It may be a constitutional right to view nude performers, but there is no constitutional right to drink alcohol while doing so,” Spiggle said.

He is leading an effort to seek state legislation to address the alcohol issue.

In the meantime, at least Mineral County now has a law on its books that will keep strip clubs away from schools, churches and homes.

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