Editor's note: Jeff Bailey submitted this announcement for his candidacy.

FROSTBURG - I have filed to serve as the public works commissioner.

I have been involved in city issues for over six years now. In 2000 I started coming to city meetings to advocate for our youth's access to community parks. In 2002 I helped run my father's campaign here in Frostburg. I have done extensive research on many issues facing Frostburg and I am very familiar with how our government works.

I wish to bring years of construction and management background, along with formal education in government budgeting from FSU, to help make Frostburg the best city it can be.

We need a full police force to help protect the community. The council needs to better compensate our police to help retain young officers who are the future of the force and to reward the dedication that the veterans have given in their service to the community.

I support positive economic development through policies which will make it easier for new businesses to open in Frostburg. Policy must be geared to bringing jobs, money and life to Frostburg.

I believe that the council should only own real estate that is used for city business. The current council has acquired real estate which should be owned by private citizens who would be contributing taxes to the city.

Instead of putting all of our eggs in one basket, I believe it would be in the best interest of the entire community to spread grant money to more citizens.

I strongly oppose the current council's "act now, ask questions later" type of attitude. I believe citizens should be informed about major changes before the council takes action. Citizen input should have been taken before changing the form of government, which was done in a closed to the public meeting and later opposed by many upset voters who petitioned. I believe the council should be pushing the citizens' agenda instead of their personal agenda.

As I've stated before in a letter to the editor, I am appalled at my opponent Susan Keller's statement saying that people who signed the petitions in 2004 did not know what they were signing. I take it as an insult to voters' integrity and competence, something I vow never to do.

I believe that Frostburg should be proud to be one of the few cities which still have accountability included in its form of government. I believe it is great to know that an elected official is responsible for overseeing specific departments. This allows us to know that certain departments are not ignored and allows citizens to gauge the performance of the council. With no reason or cause, the current council has attempted major changes in our form of government despite strong citizen opposition. I have aggressively defended the opinions and best interests of the community and I am committed to supporting the current commission form of government.

I would like to thank everyone for their support and prayers. I very much appreciate your vote on June 6. God bless.

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