Bears have been very active in Western Maryland since early June, according to Clarissa Harris of the Maryland Wildlife and Heritage Service. Six more have died on highways, bringing the total of road-killed bears to 15. In addition, one bear tagged in Maryland has perished on a West Virginia highway.

Garrett County

On June 5, a 115-pound male bear scuffled with a dog and then ran onto U.S. Route 219 where it was struck and killed. The dog was not injured. The bear tested negative for rabies. Another bear was reported to be struck on New Germany Road, but could not be found.

On June 9, a 79-pound male bear died on Chestnut Ridge Road near Grantsville.

On June 10, a sow with cubs came to the tent at a Deep Creek Lake State Park campground. After the second visit, the family opted to spend the night in a nearby motel, according to a report by the Maryland Natural Resources Police. Those bears came back on June 13 and one was chased with dogs, Harris said. Then a trap caught a yearling male June 17 and on June 21 it caught the sow that had been chased with dogs. That bear had been previously radio collared and ear tagged. It was aversively conditioned again and released on site at the park.

On June 17, a bear is said to have entered the mud room of a house on North Glade Road. Dogs brought to the site could not pick up the track.

On June 19, A 200-pound male was found on Interstate 68 near Grantsville. That same day, a bear slid open a screen door at a home on U.S. 50 on Backbone Mountain and took candy from a counter top. A trap has been set.

Allegany County

On June 8, a bear was seen in the Dumpster at Northeast Elementary School. Bear proof containers have been ordered.

On June 11, biologists checked out the death of pigs and chickens at Crossland Road, Rawlings, and determined that the cause was dogs.

On June 13, A badly decomposed male bear was found on Interstate 68 at the Garrett/Allegany counties line.

On June 14, bear damage was reported to a rabbit pen and chicken feed at Elk Lick Road, Midland.

On June 15, fruit trees were damaged by bears on Southerland Lane, Barton.

On June 16, timber cutters at Harwood (Vale Summit) reported that a bear got in their truck and ate their lunches and then made repeated visits, showing no fear. A trap has been set.

On June 18 and 20, bears were seen in the Avondale Avenue, Washington Middle School area of Cumberland.

Washington County

On June 6, a bear was struck on Boyd Road, but could not be found.

On June 13, Natural Resources Police picked up a 200-pound male on Interstate 68 near Woodmont Road.

On June 17, bears were seen at the cloverleaf of Interstates 70 and 81. A Natural Resources Police officer responding to the scene actually struck, but did not kill, a bear.

On June 19, a 250-pound male bear was killed west of Big Pool on Interstate 70.

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