CUMBERLAND — The Everett Area School Board voted Thursday evening to close Chaneysville-Cove Elementary School at the end of the school year, according to Superintendent of Schools Rodney Green.

“It was a very difficult decision for the board to make — they realize people are disappointed, but they will continue their commitment to provide these children with a quality education,” said Green.

The board is yet to make a decision about what school the 47 children, some of whom live in the Beans Cove area, will attend next year, according to Green.

“We’re looking at Everett Elementary,” said Green. “There hasn’t been a final decision, but a couple families have said they would rather assign all the children to one school.”

Although the idea of transferring the children to Flintstone Elementary was mentioned by a constituent at a previous meeting, attending school in Allegany County is not an option being considered, according to Green.

The board is also considering offering the Blendedschools program to the kindergarten through third-grade students because parents have expressed concerns about the long bus ride. Green described the program as a cyber school in which students are provided with a computer and online curriculum. In addition, a teacher would visit the home for four hours a month to monitor the student’s progress.

While the Blendedschools option is being offered as an alternative, sending children to an actual school is the preferred option, said Green.

“We want parents to send their children to school,” he said.

The Everett Area School District is one of the four school districts that first offered the Blendedschools option, which is now available in 110 Pennsylvania school districts.

Declining enrollment and operation costs were among the reasons the board was considering closing the school.

The Everett Area School District has approximately 1,550 students, four elementary schools and a middle/high school.

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