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April 24, 2014

Yates fires 804

Cumberland Times-News

— Derek Yates led all scoring for the week ending March 28 with an 804 series featuring a 290 game at Rainbow Lanes.

Bobby Benton actually came in second and third for the week with a 748 on the House pattern at White Oaks and 742 on the USBC Open pattern in the Sport league. Steve Ravenscroft had a nice 740 at Rainbow and Darren Durbin and Teddy Inman rounded out the scoring with 737s apiece at White Oaks.

Autumn Grant led the ladies with 665. Amanda Greene shot 635 at Wilson Lanes and Vicki Coughlin added 630 at White Oaks.

All bowlers strive to exceed their average and it’s always nice to note when someone really has a great night. Sapna Nagabhushan is a 125 average bowler and rolled a fantastic 210 game on her way to a 529 series. Fifty-one pins per game over your average for three games is just a great night of bowling.

For the Juniors, Dylan Bean rolled 684, Wes Weems had 676 and Kasey Sullivan had 645 with all three sets bowled in the White Oaks Junior Leagues.

Summer Leagues are forming at all area centers. Summer leagues are a great time to try new things. A new approach, a new ball, new shoes or even a completely different style of release can be tested in the more relaxed atmosphere of summer leagues. Summer is a great time for people who have never bowled in a league to get their feet wet and see if competitive bowling is something they would enjoy.

Practicing by yourself is fine, but practicing with a coach or a teammate is even better. A second set of eyes will always pick out things you can’t see yourself. Modern lanes come equipped with sensors that detect ball speed which is a very useful tool, but there are many other factors that an observer can point out. Are you walking straight or drifting on your approach? Is your arm swing close to your body or are you “chicken winging?” Are you extending your opposite arm for balance or are you falling off the shot?  And finally, are you hitting the target you are aiming at?

Come bowling this summer and bring a friend when you do. It will be more fun and will really help improve your game.

Joe Mullenax is the bowling columist for the Cumberland Times-News. He can be reached at