Cumberland Times-News

February 21, 2008

Loving God wants to help you in tough times

David Sandvick, Columnist

Technology is driving me nuts! I thought computers and cell phones were supposed to simplify my life to free up more time to do other things. Instead, I find myself spending hours just trying to record an old 70's song to my ipod and it is still sitting there unwilling to comply.

When I was a kid, I had a small reel to reel tape recorder. If I wanted to record a song, I waited most of the day until it played on my transistor radio and then I held the microphone up to the radio speaker and there you have it!

The merging of two different technologies was never so simple. I have long felt that computers should have a "Do it anyway" button on the keyboard. That way, when the little message pops up and says, "You cannot merge these technologies, you cannot put that song on anything that you want to, you cannot pass "GO" or collect two hundred dollars," I can just hit the ole "Do it anyway" button. After all, it's my computer, shouldn't it do what I want it to do?

Have you noticed that life is sometimes unwilling to comply? Are you trying to squeeze in one more kid's basketball game or band concert that you know just won't fit? Maybe the news from the doctor is bad or the company is downsizing. Perhaps your friends have deserted you or you feel overwhelmed by all that must be done.

In any case, there is a loving God who wants to merge his power with your weakness to help you through the tough times. If you're facing difficult days, it is not the time to give up church it is time to make sure you are there to seek God's help.

As for that single song, I just tried to load it again and I thought I was successful when a window popped up and said, "Will not fit." Oh, just give me one more button that says, "Make it fit!"

David Sandvick is the pastor of First English Baptist Church in Frostburg.