Cumberland Times-News

April 24, 2008

Bible has way of speaking to person's heart

David Sandvick, Columnist

I hesitate to admit that I watch American Idol as idols and pastors are usually incompatible. I do, however, watch it for its musical value rather than its spiritual content.

The judges leave a little to be desired, though, as they almost always spout the same comments. Randy will say, "I don't know, dog, that was a little pitchy for me. It was just okay." Paula then says, "I loved it! I love you! I love everyone and everyone will win this contest." Simon interjects in with, "I absolutely hated it. You sound like a theme park singer."

Isn't it amazing how people listening to the very same performance will have such differing views of it? It just goes to show how diverse we all are and how varied is our taste in just about everything.

The Word of God tends to do the same thing to people. It affects them differently. To one, it comforts in a time of need, to another it convicts of wrong-doing. Yet another may hear the same message and be inspired to share their faith or to do some act of kindness for another.

People have often told me that my sermon was meant just for them. Although I assure them I didn't have them in mind when I wrote the sermon, it's difficult to convince someone who just got what they needed from God's Word that it was by chance.

The Bible has a way of speaking to the heart of a person who needs it and it is proclaimed in many churches in our region. Attend one of them this weekend and hear what God has to say to you.

I'm just glad that people don't judge my sermons as they are leaving. I can almost hear it now... "Hey dog, that just okay for me. Didn't really do it for me." Another says, "We still love you." The last fellow through the line might say, "That was absolutely superb!" Hey, it's my imagination!

David Sandvick is the pastor of First English Baptist Church in Frostburg.