Cumberland Times-News

June 12, 2008

God looking for children love him

David Sandvick, Columnist

Sunday is Father's Day and the television is filled with advertisements for potential gifts that seem to follow two lines of thinking.

One line of gifts I've particularly noticed are handyman type gifts. These include power tools, lawn mowers, grills, and paint. Now, all of these would make a great gift, but they seem to make an assumption about the recipient of the gift. The assumption is that this dad wants to work around the house. But no dad I know wants a gallon of paint for father's day.

The other line of thinking for dad's day gifts are for the dad who wants to relax around the house. These gifts include flat screen TV's, large screen TV's, and very large flat screen TV's. I know many Dads who might like something along that line. In reality, a good dad isn't looking for some fantastic present, he's looking for children who love and appreciate him.

I think the same is true regarding our heavenly father. I think he just wants to be known and appreciated. He wants us to talk to him and spend time with him more than just one day a week.

To help you decide on a Father's Day gift, I have prepared a list of ideas sure to please the pickiest of fathers.

A universal remote with a built in beeper, a recliner made for a mid-day sleeper.

A Divver to recordify his favorite shows, a stereo system by the name of Bose.

Peace and quiet for an afternoon snooze, a brand new pair of golfing shoes.

A watch for his wrist, a Sierra Mist.

Baseball hat, welcome mat. Rootbeer float, snazzy coat.

Black raspberry pie. Surprise trip to Molokai.

A '72 Camero, an oversized sombrero.

An icey glass of Mountain Dew, a child that tells him "I love you."

Dads, whatever the gift you receive, may it pale in comparison to the joy you have in your children. Happy Father's Day.

David Sandvick is the pastor of First English Baptist Church in Frostburg.