Cumberland Times-News

August 22, 2013

Outstanding job

Teamwork helps police nab suspects in Bel Air holdup

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— The teamwork and coordination put into place by area law enforcement agencies Wednesday paid off in a big way with the quick apprehension of two suspects in a pharmacy holdup in Bel Air.

The Allegany County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland State Police, a Maryland Natural Resources Police K-9 unit, Trooper 5 medevac helicopter, C3I, Mineral County Sheriff’s Department and Ridgeley Police Department all played important roles in leading to the capture of the two suspects — Andrew Vincent Crescenzo, 36, and John Mark Self, 29, both of Cumberland. The pair was arrested on a deadend road in Wiley Ford, W.Va., after trying to elude an Allegany County deputy.

There has been a series of pharmacy holdups in our area in recent weeks. They appear to be spurred by people trying to obtain drugs. In the process, the lives of employees and pharmacy customers are in jeopardy. It is just a matter of time before one of these holdups turns into a tragedy.

The rapid response of law enforcement to Wednesday’s holdup at Steve’s Pharmacy should send a message to anyone who is thinking about robbing a pharmacy or other local business. Police have a good track record of responding quickly to holdups and making arrests.

As for the two suspects, they are charged with  armed robbery, assault, theft and conspiracy to commit robbery. If they are found guilty, the court system should mete out the harshest penalty possible. Armed robbery is a heinous crime that should bring a long incarceration for anyone who attempts it.

We again congratulate the area’s law enforcement agencies for the outstanding job they did Wednesday in nabbing the pharmacy holdup suspects. The citizenry rests easier today knowing that our law enforcement protection is stellar.