Cumberland Times-News

October 28, 2013

Handy candy

City should designate night for trick or treating

Cumberland Times-News

— When is trick or treating in Cumberland? That’s a good question — and one we wish we could answer.

Every year, trick or treating dates vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. City officials have never adopted a formal policy saying when trick or treating should occur.

Based on the number of calls we have received in the newsroom in recent days, the confusion appears to be widespread. We’d bet the telephones at City Hall also are ringing from callers asking the same question.

City officials should step in and issue a proclamation designating Cumberland’s official trick-or-treat night. It is too late to do anything this year, but the city should end the confusion next year by giving residents and children some guidance.

It’s not one of the biggest problems facing our city leaders. Nonetheless, it would be nice for Cumberlanders to be able to know well in advance exactly when little ghosts and goblins will be ringing doorbells looking for Halloween treats.

If our city fathers do not take action, then boo to them.