Cumberland Times-News

April 11, 2014

Decriminalizing marijuana lines pockets of drug cartel

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— Has the Maryland government decided they like contributing to the drug cartel? Their new decriminalization of marijuana does nothing but line the pockets of the cartel.

Decriminalized means more people will be doing it illegally, since it is only a misdemeanor. Where do you think they will have to go get it? The cartel.

Only “specially licensed doctors” can recommend it (medical marijuana). Are these also the doctors that have our kids looking for heroin when they can’t get the pills they got them addicted to?

Legalize it, or is it also lining the government’s pockets with tickets? Learn a lesson from Colorado; you can line your pockets with taxes a lot quicker than with tickets. This is and always has been an herb.

I am a registered nurse. I can legally go to work on nerve medication as long as it is prescribed to me, but if I go home and try to relax after work and use marijuana it could cost me my job and license. I guess I could go home and drink a couple and go to work with a hangover the next day, this would also be legal.

O’Malley wants to be president. Seriously, what he has done for Maryland; what is he going to do to the country? This is all about him wanting to be president and I’m not sure if the country wants one that legalized “pot.”

I won’t vote for one that puts his own agenda ahead of what is best for our state or country. I will personally be campaigning against anyone who puts himself first and constituents second.

Regina Lease