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April 13, 2014

Ballpark project a partnership, not a government handout

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— To the Editor:

Regarding Mark Nelson’s recent objection to county government assistance to exploring the placement of a minor league baseball team in the Cumberland region, I would answer that the project should be considered a partnership between private enterprise and government. The private support would come by way of donations collected from local citizens, currently banked through the Dapper Dan Club.

The city of Cumberland could also help the county government by providing a third of the $7,500 cost of a professional feasibility study to determine whether this area would support a minor league baseball team. When not in use to entertain us with professional baseball, the new stadium would also serve as a venue for musical concerts, religious revivals, soccer championship games, and other events. The multi-purpose stadium could become an entertainment mecca.

Our country has a long and rich history of such partnerships, beginning with the National Road, the railroad transportation system, the Homestead Act that settled the West, the land grant program for state universities, the post-World War II G.I. Bill that revolutionalized higher education, the Interstate Highway System, and the space industry (to mention some of the programs that combined private enterprise and government aid to invest in the nation’s future).

We could make a similar kind of joint investment in our local future.

John Wiseman