Cumberland Times-News

June 16, 2013

This summer:

Keep your children from losing their reading skills

Cumberland Times-News

— You can do your kids a favor this summer by getting them involved in reading.

According to the National Summer Learning Association, kids are apt to lose reading, spelling and math skills over the summer because they simply forget what they have learned in school. Children of lower income families are most likely to be affected by the summer recess. Research by the association shows that, at best, students show little or no academic growth over summer; at worst, they lose one to three months of learning.

Allegany County’s public library system can help with the problem. It has summer reading clubs for pre-k, elementary and middle school students and an adult program. The programs, which run from June 15 through Aug. 18, are:

• Read-To-Me Club — for children up to 5 years old and not yet reading.

• “Dig Into Reading” Club — for elementary school students.

• “Beneath the Surface” Club — for middle/high school students.

• “Groundbreaking Reads” Club — A reading log approach for adult readers.

Additionally, the library system holds Story Time and Toddler Time programs weekly. Computer classes also are offered, which can be another source of learning during the summer.

Harris Cooper, a former University of Missouri-Columbia professor who has done extensive research on summer reading benefits, said the value of learning during the summer months cannot be overstated. He said while it may be common sense to know that if you don’t practice a skill like reading you will lose it, many parents and even some educators look at summer learning as something optional or disposable.

More information about the Allegany County library’s reading programs is available by calling 301-687-0790 or at the website,