Cumberland Times-News

October 7, 2013

Dig in!

You’ll be able to taste the love in what you eat

Cumberland Times-News

— Anyone who thinks making 2,100 meatballs for a spaghetti dinner is easy should try it sometime.

We know people who have done so on a regular basis, but not for some time.

It has been six years since St. Mary Church on Oldtown Road last held the spaghetti dinners that were traditional in Cumberland, almost to the point of being legendary.

After an absence that those who loved these dinners no doubt considered too long, another dinner will be held Oct. 13.

Seven volunteers worked recently to make those 2,100 meatballs and more probably will be made. They will be served with about 100 pounds of spaghetti and 121 loaves of Italian bread to an estimated 1,000 patrons.

St. Mary isn’t the only church where dinners are held, and they often are staged at veterans posts or other venues. They may take the form of pork-and-sauerkraut dinners or pancake-and-sausage breakfasts.

It doesn’t matter what is served or where, one ingredient is common to all of them: a dedication to serve. And there’s a good chance you’ll be able to say to your companions, “I can taste the love in this.”

As PBS cooking show host Lidia Bastianich says, “Tutti a tavola a mangiare!”

Translated from the Italian, that means: Everyone to the table to eat!

Sounds good to us.