Cumberland Times-News

December 1, 2012

Lock your car

Thefts from vehicles plaguing area residents

Cumberland Times-News

— There was a day when you could leave the door to your house or car unlocked and not be too concerned about theft. But that time has long passed.

The risk of unlocked doors was underscored last week when five firearms were stolen from vehicles in southwest Keyser, W.Va., in an area known as “The Hill.”

Three incidents were reported Saturday, including theft of a Remington .270 caliber rifle and a Remington  .223 caliber rifle from an unlocked vehicle in the 500 block of Baltimore Street; theft of $648 worth of assorted items from an unlocked vehicle in the 500 block of Richmond Street; and theft of two wallets from a vehicle in the 400 block of Ridge Street.

Keyser Police also investigated theft of three firearms from a locked vehicle at the rear of an apartment building on Carskadon Road. Valued at $1,600, the stolen firearms included a Remington .270 caliber rifle, a Savage .22 caliber rifle and a Ruger .22 caliber Magnum rifle. Hunting equipment was also taken.  

The Times-News daily police and fire log frequently has reports about thefts from unlocked cars or homes.

Last January in Keyser, for example, clothing and electronics were stolen from unlocked vehicles on North Main and Spring streets and Front Alley.

Last May, five unlocked vehicles on Cumberland’s West Side were entered. The incidents occurred on Fayette, Washington, Cumberland and Carroll streets and Camden Avenue.

Two months later, unlocked cars in the 100 block of Virginia Avenue were entered and several items taken. A suspect in that case was arrested a short time later.

Locks don’t always deter a thief, but more often than not they will.

People who don’t lock up are taking a big chance, as these police log accounts show.