Cumberland Times-News

March 10, 2014

Tea Party Caucus candidate forum scheduled March 16

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— Last month I was pleased to announce my election as president of the Allegany County Conservative TEA Party Caucus and my desire to set “brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.”

It further delights me in announcing that ACCTPC will be holding a candidates’ forum for gubernatorial candidates registered with the Maryland Board of Elections. The forum will be held March 16 at 2 p.m. at the Woodmen of the World Lodge, 801 Virginia Ave., Cumberland.

Invitations were sent to all candidates that had filed for the governor’s seat as of the Feb. 25 deadline. I am pleased to announce that Libertarian candidate for governor, Shawn Quinn and Republican candidates, Charles Lollar and Brian Vaeth have committed to attend.

Democrat candidate, Ralph Jaffe responded, but is unable to make the event. The door is still open to the remainder of the field, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

The governor of Maryland is the chief executive of the state of Maryland.

As such, he or she is in charge of the executive branch of state government, and is to carry out the business of the state and to enforce the laws passed by the legislature. The governor serves a four year term and is term limited to two terms in office. We in Allegany County have both benefited and suffered at the hands of the chief executive.

I hope you are able to attend the candidates’ forum. This will be a great opportunity before the June 24 primary elections to hear directly from the candidates in our own backyard.

And if you will indulge me for another minute or so, I am also happy to report that ACCTPC is busy gathering the kindling for more “brush fires of freedom” as we move into a busy political year.

We are focusing on the remainder of the upcoming elections at the state and county level and plan to hold another candidates’ forum as we get closer to the June 24 primary election.

In addition, we are forming committees to address nullification issues regarding unconstitutional overreaches by the federal government as well as other issues that affect the life, liberty and property of the residents of Allegany County.

We are also putting together a committee to ensure Maryland has representation at the Article V Convention that will work towards a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

We are also supporting efforts that ensure that our representative government is in fact governing with the consent of the governed. I remind you that these are not political party issues but are issues that require your answer.

I again ask you to consider joining us. We usually meet the third Sunday of the month at the downtown Martin’s community room at 2 pm. March’s meeting will be bumped due to the candidates’ forum and we will meet the second Sunday in April due to Easter falling on the third Sunday.

We can also be reached on Facebook at or on the web at

Richard R. Biancone Jr., president

Allegany County Conservative

TEA Party Caucus