Cumberland Times-News

November 4, 2012

Maybe some of old bridge’s steel could be saved, used

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— I’ve been interested in the progress of the McCoole-Keyser Bridge, and have taken many photos of the ongoing construction.

Since the new bridge just opened, and as I was fortunate enough to ride across the old bridge on opening day, I took an interest in the taking down of this old bridge. (By the way, I was not lucky enough to get a chance to ride across the new bridge on its opening day.

Today, however, while crossing the new bridge, I pulled off at the McCoole end of the bridge to take a few photos of the demolition of the old bridge as it crosses Queen Street at McCoole.

The concrete had been removed, and I was stunned to see that the supporting steel seemed to be in very good shape.

I wondered if this steel could someway be taken down carefully and saved by the State of Maryland and donated to the city of Cumberland for use as part of a replacement bridge at Washington Street.

William “Ed” Mullan