Cumberland Times-News

August 18, 2013

Why not donate the ‘leftover money’ to a local charity?

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— I have a suggestion for the Rocky Gap Casino. When a person cashes out a slot machine they receive a ticket for the remaining money.

Many times the amount is considered too small (under a dollar) to be bothered with and that ticket is discarded either at the casino or at home later.

I would like to see a donation container at the main entrance that would give people the opportunity to deposit the ticket and have that money donated to local charity.

I have seen a large clear container like this at another casino and it contained hundreds of slips that I am sure when the amounts were totaled up could be a generous donation to a worthy cause.

After reading the headlines about the large casino income I would love see this “leftover money” donated locally rather than end up back in the pocket of the casino.

Geri Rowe

Clearville, Pa.