Cumberland Times-News

April 7, 2014

Poverty listing reflects on leaders who have failed city

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— Cumberland is number eight on the poverty city listing on the Internet for all the world to see. This shameful listing reflects on the mayor and City Council and all leaders on various economic areas, who have failed the people of the city.

The poor leadership or don’t-care attitude by the above has brought on the unemployment, welfare lists, loss of population (LaVale is the population center), vacant buildings and a struggling downtown.

This has created our poverty award. A poor economy has made us all like second-class citizens compared to Altoona (Pa.) or Winchester (Va.) where bigger/better shopping is available, where all name restaurants are present and first-class malls thrive.

It may be difficult to attact new industry into a poverty or prison atmosphere. One wonders why the city hasn’t established a convention center on Queen City Drive. Conventions are big business and downtown could be revived with new hotels, stores/shops, restaurants, entertainment centers and even a busy airport.

If properly handled with talent a convention center could create various levels of employment. With all the wasted time and money over the years to “fix” the city, we are still here but in a poverty condition, and it may get worse. In time we may have to hope the tourist will come to see “Cumberland, the biggest little ghost town in Maryland.”

Mel Collins