Cumberland Times-News

May 1, 2013

Relief is here

Spring has finally sprung, but not for everyone

Cumberland Times-News

— It looks like we are finally in store for some spring-like weather, which is a good thing — particularly in light of the fact that the annual downtown plant sale begins today and runs through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Considering what our neighbors to the immediate west endured because of Superstorm Sandy, we’re not going to say that, all things taken into account, we were fortunate to have a mild winter.

We will say that it could be worse.

What The Weather Channel calls Winter Storm Achilles (a most appropriate name) is hammering the Midwest with even more snow.

One normally expects that by the time May arrives, all of this winter-type nastiness should be over until the next go-around arrives at the time of year we usually expect it.

Ssuch unseasonal bad weather can have — you should pardon the expression — a snowball effect.

Due to the sequester, the National Park Service decided to delay snow removal for two weeks in one western resort area. Citizens whose livelihood depends on tourism decided to pay for the snow removal themselves.

And it has been reported that due to the repeated late-winter Midwest snowstorms, a sizable percentage of the nation’s grain crops remain unplanted. That won’t bode well for the price of produce.

All this will no doubt contribute to the ongoing debate about “global warming” which, according to some folks, can result in colder winters.

 “Climate change” is another thing. The climate seems to have been changing for some time now, and the people who live in America’s heartland would no doubt like to see it change for the better.