Cumberland Times-News

March 12, 2013

Fun, effective

Successful wellness program continued

Cumberland Times-News

— Good for Lonaconing officials, who have decided to repeat a community wellness program that was inaugurated last year as part of an effort by the Western Maryland Health System.

The town will hold its wellness program over the next three years, with the goal being to encourage weight-loss and a healthier lifestyle for its residents, according to Mayor Jack Coburn.

Last year, Lonaconing participated in the health system’s Healthy Community Challenge, holding a friendly competition with Cumberland, Westernport and Piedmont, W.Va., to encourage citizens to lose weight and see blood pressure numbers improve.

“A lot of people took part last year and it was a real eye-opener for some of them. We urge all of our residents to come out and enjoy a healthier spring and summer season,” said Coburn.

This year the Lonaconing effort will cover the next three months. Signup for the program is scheduled for Monday at the Town Hall. There is no charge.

Weigh-in and blood-pressure screenings are being offered as part of the town’s wellness program. All personal information obtained through the program will be kept strictly confidential. A prize of $200 is being offered by the town for the biggest weight loss accomplished in the program that concludes June 18.

A schedule of 3-mile walks through town will be provided at sign-in. Information about the wellness program is available at 301-463-6233.

Holding a wellness program at the beginning of spring is an ideal time, because many people will be able to get outdoors for walking and exercise. Mayor Coburn’s program offers a fun and effective way to tackle the health problems brought on by obesity and sedentary lifestyles.