Cumberland Times-News

March 6, 2014

Something on this list just might help you to save a soul

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— Every day, 18 veterans commit suicide. Every week, thousands of American children commit economic suicide by quitting school.

Below are preventative interactions of a mindset that can reverse these national security threatening megatrends. As you read them recall similar interactive situations where you’ve seen them inclusively work for the people’s benefit.

Think: Where have I seen these tactics work? Realize, our culture doesn’t favor utilizing often enough these character building promotions of positive self-concepts. These personal interactions inspire lonely children and veterans to survive because they feel important and worth (y)our efforts...

Give them a special nickname, marvel at what they “can” do, unwind together, be silly together, join in their adventures, chaperone a dance, applaud their successes, include them in conversations, join in their adventures, give them immediate feedback, wave and honk when you drive by them;

Give them immediate feedback, notice when they grow, let them make mistakes, help them learn something new, expect their best, don’t expect perfection, be spontaneous, talk directly together, introduce them to new experiences, make sure they “always” have your phone number, introduce them to people of excellence, help them learn from mistakes;

Tape record a message for them, welcome their suggestions, go special places together encourage them to think big, build something together, magnify their magnificence, make decisions together, do what they like to do, daydream with them, help them take a stand and stand with them, believe what they say, tackle new tasks together, encourage them to help others, cheer their accomplishments,

“BE” available, share secrets, trust them, tolerate their interruptions, discuss their dreams and nightmares, contribute to their collections, hide surprises for them to find, call them to say hello, acknowledge their absence when they are, follow them when they lead, send them letters/postcards, share their excitement, delight in their discoveries, suggest better behaviors when they act out;

Stay with them when they’re afraid, surprise them, play “outside” together, present options when they seek your counsel, notice when they’re acting differently, forget your worries sometimes and concentrate only on them, listen to their stories, set boundaries that keep them safe, tell them their feelings are sacred, say “yes” a lot, giggle together, read aloud together, look in their eyes when you talk to them.

Each of these is individually pertinent. They just take (y)our time.

Reread them. Can you give enough time to save lost souls? Any one of these can be the key factor of saving lot souls.

Tape this @ eye level on the refrigerator.

Bill Arnold

Romney, W.Va.