Cumberland Times-News

October 1, 2013

Clean up after your dog so someone else won’t have to

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— We are located on Greene Street (office) at Johnson Street.

On an almost daily basis there appear dog messes on the Greene Street sidewalk. These are small dog messes which the owner or walker just leave on the sidewalk where it is tracked on and at times tracked into homes or offices.

Extremely inconsiderate requiring others to either pick up the mess, or it is left for whatever happens.

The mess constitutes a nuisance and is against the law (see Cumberland ordinance requiring the dog owner or walker to pick up such messes).

We have not been able to identify the wrongdoer despite talking to many dog owners who do pick up their dog’s messes.

We have asked the city to at least post a sign but, we are aware that the city has many other more important issues to deal with.

Perhaps this letter will get the point across, but then again maybe not since whoever it is does not seem to care.

The message is “PICK UP YOUR DOG’S MESSES” so that we don’t have to do what you are supposed to do.

Try being considerate of others and, in any event, obey the law.

George Levasseur