Cumberland Times-News

November 10, 2013

Veterans Day

Our thanks to all who have served America

Cumberland Times-News

— An unforgettable scene played out several years ago, during the Veterans Day ceremony at Rocky Gap Veterans Cemetery,

A Vietnam veteran who was in his sixties was kneeling in front of a World War II veteran who was in his eighties and sitting in a wheelchair.

The older man said he once had a Purple Heart — the medal nobody wants to receive because it signifies the wearer has been wounded in action — but lost it somewhere over the years.

“I’ve got two of them, and one is all I really have use for,” said the younger man. “Here ... you deserve this more than I do.”

And he unhooked one of his Purple Hearts and pinned it to the older man’s jacket.

We wish we had something to give all those who honorably have served our country, because we are most grateful for what they have done on our behalf.

What we can do is say this:

Today is Veterans Day, and to those of you who are veterans, thank you for what you did. Thank you for our freedom.

We also would add a happy belated birthday to the United States Marine Corps, which yesterday turned 238 years old — just two years younger than America itself.