Cumberland Times-News

November 20, 2013

Stolen carvings were man’s last project before his death

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— I hope the person(s) responsible for stealing my carved eagles and bears from my yard on College Avenue are proud of themselves for stealing from an aging, defenseless widow.

I am not grieving because of the loss of the monetary value, but more for the sentimental loss, as it is just something else I have lost over the past two years that gave me a link with my late husband. I have lost my beloved husband, my home, and completely changed my life. Now his last project before his sudden death is lost as well.

If these items can be returned to me, I will gladly pay a reward, no questions asked or charges filed. I will be happy just to have them back.

I will forever hope that whomever sees them in your possession will recognize them as stolen property and hope that they will revile you just as I do.

I’ve only lived in this town for a month and one day. It has certainly marked the new beginning I had hoped to achieve. Thanks for showing me that a beautiful neighborhood can be spoiled by a thief.

Mary E. Swauger