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  • Open data Open data

    Maryland state government took a step in the right direction when the General Assembly approved legislation aimed at making spending data more available and searchable to everyone.

    April 9, 2014 1 Photo

  • City has changed, but it’s still a great place

    Is it better to be positive or negative? I have been reading postings about Growing Up in Cumberland, other Facebook pages, and from many of my Facebook friends. Talk about food and many people have positive comments. I love Coney Island hot dogs as much as anyone and have some every time I am in Cumberland.

    April 9, 2014

  • National Day of Prayer events begin April 30

    The Cumberland National Day of Prayer Committee has finalized plans for the 63rd annual observance, with a prayer rally, a breakfast, an outdoor worship ceremony and youth rally planned April 30 through May 2.

    April 9, 2014

  • ‘Think Train’ ‘Think Train’

    Being near train tracks can be dangerous — even deadly. The nonprofit Operation Lifesaver is hoping its effort to educate people about railroad hazards will cut down on the number of railroad-related accidents and deaths.

    April 8, 2014 1 Photo

  • Poverty listing reflects on leaders who have failed city

    Cumberland is number eight on the poverty city listing on the Internet for all the world to see. This shameful listing reflects on the mayor and City Council and all leaders on various economic areas, who have failed the people of the city.

    April 7, 2014

  • Best for last Best for last

    The Maryland General Assembly saved some of the best for last — from this region’s standpoint — by passing several pieces of legislation that will have a big impact here.

    April 7, 2014 1 Photo

  • Pay attention Pay attention

    The National Safety Council says that  9 percent of drivers at any given daylight moment are talking on phones while driving. Is it any wonder that law enforcement agencies across the land are taking part in National Distracted Driver Awareness month?

    April 6, 2014 1 Photo

  • Fort Hood Fort Hood

    A TV show we watched not long ago told the
    story of a decorated war veteran, a one-time
    hero who had fallen on hard times. Troubled and
    unable to succeed in life, he became an alcoholic
    and alienated his family and friends.

    April 3, 2014 1 Photo

  • Summer shouldn’t mean hunger for children

    As a child, I always looked forward to the
    carefree joy of summertime. I remember the
    long days of playing outside at a nearby park
    until I needed to
    come home for

    April 3, 2014

  • For shame For shame

    The Maryland House of Delegates took a gutless approach Tuesday when it refused to require a vote on a salary hike for delegates and senators. Instead of answering a roll call vote on how each delegate stands on the pay raise, the lawmakers opted to merely let the increase take effect without their involvement.

    April 2, 2014 1 Photo