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May 26, 2012

Allegany College of Maryland holds 50th commencement

367 earn degrees, certificates

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Cumberland Times-News

— CUMBERLAND — Allegany College of Maryland graduated 367 students at recent 50th commencement exercises on the Cumberland campus. The graduates earned a total of 437 associate degrees and certificates.

 Members of ACM’s spring 2012 class, and the degree or certificate they received, are listed below according to residence. Unless noted otherwise, the awards received refer to degrees. The 367 graduates are:

 Accident — Amanda Nicole Brenneman, dental hygiene; Addison, Pa. — Susan Dawn Miller, medical laboratory technology; Alexandria, Pa. — Kristin Elizabeth Keller, dental hygiene;

 Alum Bank, Pa. — Kimberlee Herline, applied technical studies, business management, accounting certificate, business entrepreneurship certificate; Heather Dawn Miller, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Daniel Pincin, respiratory therapist; Baltimore — Briana Whitney Bonaparte, general studies; Shawntrice Hester Sadie Mack, early childhood education;

 Barton — Caitlin Nicole Clark, nursing; Sarah Elizabeth Johnson, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Kari Ann Myers, respiratory therapist; Deborah Nicole Preston, applied technical studies, general studies, office technologies (legal assistant option);

 Bedford, Pa. — Aasta J. Bernhard, respiratory therapist; Lindsey Niccole Edwards, human service associate; Sandra S. Evans, general studies; Eric J. Gadley, radiologic technology; Ashlee Kay Harrold, criminal justice certificate; Scott Lepley, computer technology (programming option); Allison Marie Ruby, communication arts technology; Steven Patrick Smith, respiratory therapist; Jennifer Lynn Stiffler, computer technology (technical support option); computer service technician certificate; Jennifer Renee Ward, general studies; Jarrod Travis Way, forest technology;

 Berkeley Springs, W.Va. — Sarah Elizabeth Seaton, dental hygiene; Berlin, Pa. — Alicia Bowser, nursing; Courtney Lee Custer, radiologic technology; David Lee Custer, business management; Erin Lichty, business management; Crystal M. Meager, nursing; Jennifer Rebecca Riggs, nursing; Amanda Lynn Robinette, human service associate; Jordan A. Saylor, radiologic technology; Marjie Krystene Willkow, business administration, general studies;

 Blandburg, Pa. — Kathryn Lee Rolaston Brown, applied technical studies, human service associate; Bloomington — Cody Andrew Parsons, respiratory therapist;

Boswell, Pa. — Ryan C. Fisher, general studies; Andrew J. Nicklow, forest technology;

 Breezewood, Pa. — Lance Clark, business entrepreneurship certificate, business supervision certificate; Nancy Penrod, office technologies (medical office systems option), medical coding certificate; DJ Penrod, accounting certificate, business entrepreneurship certificate;

 Broad Top, Pa. — Nathaniel Scott Fisher, computer technology (network option), computer service technician certificate; Buffalo Mills, Pa. — Candace Shipley, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Burlington, W.Va. — Donna Michelle Getz, radiologic technology;

 Capon Bridge, W.Va. — Joshua Adam Hobbs, respiratory therapist; Central City, Pa. — Laurie L. Heinauer, general studies; Lynnette Kline, medical assistant; Michelle J. Letosky, applied technical studies, general studies, nursing; Chesapeake Beach — Tina Marie Williams, dental hygiene; Clarksburg — Thomas Carlisle Warfield, forest technology;

 Clearville, Pa. — William Donald Cessna, business administration; Ashley R. Mallow, dental hygiene; Confluence, Pa. — Heather Rae DeHaven, nursing; Corriganville — Kelly N. Baker, early childhood education, general studies; Andrew K. Potavin, history, secondary education; Stephan C. Weisenmiller, secondary education;

 Cresaptown — Erin Blubaugh, medical assistant; Leslie May Easton, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Brittany Nicole Growden, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Janice Lynn Smith, medical coding certificate; Jennifer M. Twigg, pharmacy technician certificate; Crystal Spring, Pa. — Shirley D. Everts, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate;

 Cumberland — Dustin M. Adams, criminal justice, criminal justice certificate; Britney Amann, medical assistant; Tammy Lynn Barnett, medical coding certificate; Rebekah Elizabeth Beem, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Cassidy Anne Bible, nursing; Heidi Kaye Binnix, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Kendall Kaitlin Cannon, nursing; Shane T. Chambers, therapeutic massage; Sarah Elizabeth Collins, applied technical studies, business office support specialist certificate; Amber Nicole Cook, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Alexandria B. Cooper, criminal justice; Jared B. Court, computer technology (network, technical support options); Joyce Ann Cowgill, human service associate; Barbara J. Crosten, nursing; Cassandra Cunningham, medical assistant; Autumn Denise Deter, business management, accounting certificate; Jenny L. Diehl, general studies, office technologies (administrative assistant option), business office support specialist certificate, office systems support certificate; Andre D. Domingos, general studies; Kelsey M. Durst, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Margaret Mariah Edmiston, criminal justice; Beth A. Evans, respiratory therapist; Kristine Marie Fishell, nursing; Danielle Marie Fruik, communication arts technology; Nathan George, mathematics; Mary Catherine George, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Jason Paul Green, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Stevie Harman, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Ty Patrick Hemmis, business administration; Samantha J. Howser, early childhood education; Jeremiah Jackson, applied technical studies, computer service technician certificate; Krista Dawn Johnson, secondary education; Jordon S. Kline, communication arts technology; Cassie Nicole Knieriem, business supervision certificate; Charles Knippenberg, radiologic technology; Kaitlin A. Koelker, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Finah Koroma, general studies; Rosanne Layman, human service associate; Kenneth Lee Lichtl, automotive technology certificate; Xiao Rong Liu, dental hygiene; Lisa A. Long, dental hygiene; Kaitlyn Louise Kathlyn Long, pharmacy technician certificate; Michael D. Lowery, computer technology (programming option); Tara Colleen Lybarger, respiratory therapist; Royann Matthews, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Melissa Brooke McIntyre, radiologic technology; Brandon M. McRobie, secondary education; Haley Nicole Meeks, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Marian M. Mekhaeil, dental hygiene; Natasha L. Metty, therapeutic massage; Rachel Miller, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; James Morozek, general studies; Dylan Shane Norris, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Cassandra Leigh Oster, nursing; Kristin Kay Palmer, dental hygiene; Michaela Anne Paschke, dental hygiene; Jessica L. Patch, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Jessica L. Pell, pharmacy technician certificate; Joshua D. Perrin, business management, general studies, business entrepreneurship certificate, business supervision certificate; Michele Lea Poremski, respiratory therapist; Athalia M. Raymond, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Whitney Rhodes, elementary education, teaching (elementary education); Ashlee Rice, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Davida Ringler, medical coding certificate; Heather Marie Royer, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Christina Y. Russell, applied technical studies, general studies, psychology; Kristen Marie Scaduto, dental hygiene; Kathleen G. Schiffour, medical coding certificate; Jillian C. Shanholtz, art, general studies; Kari Shumaker, psychology; Emily L. Simpson, general studies; Ashlee Nicole Smith, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Jessica D. Staples, criminal justice; Robbie J. Stephan, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Rhiannon Stevenson, secondary education; Ginger Lee Stitcher, therapeutic massage; Jackie Darlene Tawney, applied technical studies; Christian Thomas, medical coding certificate; Kristina Marie Trabing, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Natalya Victorovna Turner, accounting, business administration, economics; Johna Whetstone, automotive technology; Jacob Allen Whisner, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Christopher White, pharmacy technician certificate; Samantha Pyles-White, pharmacy technician certificate; Brittney M. Whorton, psychology; Logan Williams, applied technical studies, respiratory therapist; Joseph A. Willison Jr., art; LeVere M. Wilson, nursing; Karlee Anne Wilson, elementary education, teaching (elementary education); Olivia N. Wolfe, pharmacy technician certificate; Kelli J. Wolford, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Jennifer Lynn Woods, nursing; Kayla Yommer, general studies; Inge A. Zembower, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate;

 Curryville, Pa. — Stephanie J. Treece, medical assistant; East Freedom, Pa. — Barbara Bradley, nursing; Eden — Xia Chen, dental hygiene; Ellerslie — Kaitlin Marie Robinson, nursing; Everett, Pa. — Morgann Paige Clingerman, elementary education, general studies, secondary education, teaching (elementary education); Brittany Joann Decker, nursing; Kevin Eshelman, computer service technician certificate, technical support certificate; William N. Fedak, business management; Chelsi B. Perrin, medical assistant; Timothy R. Strobel, business management, business entrepreneurship certificate; Jacob D Twigg, secondary education;

 Falling Waters, W.Va. — Stephanie Tucker, dental hygiene; Fishertown, Pa. — Michelle D. Douglas, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Flintstone — Brooke A. Blume, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Duncan Everett Howard, applied technical studies; Forest Mongold, computer technology (network option); Samantha A. Shipway, applied technical studies, general studies, secondary education; Bethany Trail, general studies; Stephanie Lynn Trail, applied technical studies, art, general studies;

 Fort Ashby, W.Va. — Natasha M. Frink, applied technical studies; Alieshia Porter, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Frederick — Tatiana Klapac, dental hygiene;

Friedens, Pa. — Taeler Elise Damico, nursing; Diane K. Lowery, business office support specialist certificate; Friendsville — Megan Wiley, nursing;

 Frostburg — Shane Michael Baer, criminal justice; Kimberly Ann Barb, human service associate; Chezney Nicole Bittinger, applications user specialist certificate; Pamela Ann Colmer, pharmacy technician certificate; Megan Mariah Connor, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Nikkole Amanda Diehl, nursing; Natasha N. Engle, respiratory therapist; Tiffany Ann Fenton, general studies, psychology; Slater D. Hafer, forest technology; Joshua Bowen Jenkins, applied technical studies; Megan Chantel Kenney, general studies; Candace L. Merrill, general studies; Brandon W. Miller, general studies; Candice Muir, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Andrew G. Preston, criminal justice, criminal justice certificate; Maxee Ann Pugh, applied technical studies; Sean N. Rose, general studies; Matthew William Rowley, forest technology; Karen Leigh Sarles, therapeutic massage; April Schurg, computer technology (network option); Susan Lynn Smith, political science; Jordan Scott Staggs, psychology; Elizabeth Marie Taylor, medical coding certificate; Kristen L. Tomko, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Elizabeth Nicole Walker, respiratory therapist;

 Garrett, Pa. — Stephen M. Gauden, culinary arts; Chad William Rugg, forest technology; Grantsville — Jessica Lynn Baker, dental hygiene; Randy Clay Beitzel, respiratory therapist; Tammy Crayton, nursing; Bethany Renee’ Granger, general studies; Taylor Maltba, nursing; Great Cacapon, W.Va. — Amanda Marie Corrick, pharmacy technician certificate; Green Spring, W.Va. — Jessica Huffman, medical coding certificate;

 Hagerstown — Christiana Renee Gagnon, dental hygiene; Rachael Nelson, dental hygiene; Alexander Paul Sagi, forest technology; Danica Trovinger, dental hygiene; Sharon Trovinger, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Hedgesville, W.Va. — Sarah Nicole Burkhart, dental hygiene; Hustontown, Pa. — Bon Scott Ray Booher, criminal justice; Hyattsville — Yordanos Drar, respiratory therapist;

 Hyndman, Pa. — Charlene K. Troutman, general studies; Katie Rashel Emerick, nursing; Leland Clarke Kessell, secondary education; Amber Rene` Moskey, radiologic technology; Rebecca Murray, accounting, applied technical studies, business administration, economics, general studies; Regina Ryan, general studies; Ijamsville — Ellen Bautista Wood, dental hygiene; Imler, Pa. — Brian Charles Butler, computer technology (programming option); Jennerstown, Pa. — Wanda Rozinsky, dental hygiene; Johnstown, Pa. — Katelyne M. Golby, medical assistant; Ryan James Schrock, computer technology (network option);

 Keyser, W.Va. — Karissa Braithwaite, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Megan Nichole DuVall, respiratory therapist; Najla Hachache Itani, medical coding certificate; Galiana Palma, pharmacy technician certificate; Darrell Landon Parker, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Michele E. Roy, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate;

 LaVale — Sabrina C. Albright, criminal justice, criminology, criminal justice certificate; Tyler Brick Baker, culinary arts, hotel and restaurant management; Elizabeth Shannon Earnest, communication arts technology; Brittany Heavener, office technologies (medical office systems option), medical coding certificate; Brandie McGarrell Long, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Zachary C. Mathews, nursing; Tarrah Anastasia Moyers, human service associate; Eric T. Ringler, office technologies (administrative assistant option); Casey J. Roberts, general studies; Shane Strieby, nursing; Corey Allen Vodicka, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; LeAnn Winebrenner, nursing;

 Lilly, Pa. — Cynthia A. Wood, respiratory therapist; Lonaconing — Shayla M. Fazenbaker, applied technical studies; Jessica Rene Robertson, human service associate; Rebecca Shirey, human service associate; Colleen Watson, elementary education, general studies, teaching (elementary education); Julie E. Wilt, medical assistant; Lusby — Nicole Renee Post, dental hygiene;

 Manns Choice, Pa. — Julie Lynn Showalter, communication arts technology; Markleton, Pa. — Christine M. Penzera, nursing; Martinsburg, Pa. — Tina Haines, practical nursing certificate; Maysville, W.Va. — Daphne M. Riggleman, radiologic technology; McConnellsburg, Pa. — Whittney L. Fix, applied technical studies; Sally Jo Kline, human service associate; Mercersburg, Pa. — Lewis Jacob Hose IV, nursing; Calynne Kaley Saunders, early childhood education;

 Meyersdale, Pa. — Ambry R. Dupont, nursing; Kristin Leigh Fitzgerald, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Michelle Hetz, nursing; Chalyce Marie Howsare, business management; Christy Ann Lasure, nursing; Jennifer Logue, business administration; Kelsey Ann Scott, applied technical studies; Kalina Loren Yutzy, nursing;

Mount Airy — Samantha Lynn Hopkins, forest technology;

 Mount Savage — Cassie Lynn Baker, general studies; Tyler Michael Carter, communication arts technology; Shelly M. Clark, medical laboratory technology; Cody P. King, automotive technology certificate; Jennifer Dawn Roddy, general studies; Kevin James Shields, applied technical studies, general studies, secondary education; Lisa Wilt, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate;

 Mountain Lake Park — Angelina Glotfelty, medical laboratory technology; Katelyn R. Mark, dental hygiene; New Enterprise, Pa. — Jacey L. Bottenfield, office technologies (administrative assistant option); Ethan C. Replogle, criminal justice certificate; New Market — Erica Leann Sherwood, dental hygiene; New Paris, Pa. — Emily Dawn Cunningham, dental hygiene;

 Oakland — Amanda Beckman, nursing; Brittany Nicole Harvey, nursing; Jessica L. Hebb, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Mikella Kay Hershman, nursing; Elizabeth Rose Kutchman, dental hygiene; Natalie Ann Rohrbaugh, radiologic technology; Stephanie M. Sliger, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Old Fields, W.Va. — Marie S. Shockey, medical laboratory technology;

 Oldtown — Jessica Squires, applied technical studies, elementary education, general studies, secondary education; Jessica Ann Stemple, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Wesley L. Willison, respiratory therapist; Paw Paw, W.Va. — Amy P. White, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate;

 Piedmont, W.Va. — Amy Marie Coleman, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; LaTisha M. Horton, nursing; Leslie Miller Lloyd, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Rawlings — Sarah Arnold, pharmacy technician certificate; Sarah L. Evans, general studies, hotel and restaurant management; Tanner Zembower, business management;

 Ridgeley, W.Va. — Larry X. Daniels Sr., criminal justice, criminal justice certificate; Bradley Lawrence DeMoss, automotive technology; Pamela J. Dolly, nursing assistant/geriatric aide certificate; Andrew Glass, business administration, general studies; Nicole Jenkins, respiratory therapist; Heather Marie Lillian Largent, early childhood education; Ashley McManaway, accounting; Megan Elizabeth McNeill, dental hygiene; Lisa A. Nash, pharmacy technician certificate; Nicole J. Peer, human service associate; Norma A. Rinehart, human service associate; Shawna Sites, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; April M. Steckman, medical coding certificate; Jaime D. Symons, pharmacy technician certificate; Delores Welsh, pharmacy technician certificate;

 Rio, W.Va. — June Loy, secondary education; Ripley, W.Va. — Shirley Ann Johnston, dental hygiene; Roaring Spring, Pa. — Bradley Wade Frederick, business administration; Robertsdale, Pa. — Penny Sue Swope, general studies; Rockwood, Pa. — Keri J. Overton, radiologic technology; Joy Lynette Svonavec, nursing; Romney, W.Va. — Heather Rae Loy, respiratory therapist;

 Salisbury, Pa. — Aimee B. Beachy, nursing; Heather Nicole Brant, nursing; Raymond Joseph Fazio, general studies; Rosie Housel, accounting certificate; Saxton, Pa. — Jordon Michael Bollman, nursing; Schellsburg, Pa. — Jennifer Lynn Miller, phlebotomy/EKG technician certificate; Marilyn Tercek, computer technology (programming, Web development options); Shanks, W.Va. — Jennifer Lynn Timbrook, dental hygiene; Sipesville, Pa. — Karen E. Beggs, nursing;

 Six Mile Run, Pa. — Jessc L. Donelson, culinary arts; Somerset, Pa. — Anna Marie Baird, applied technical studies, business management, business entrepreneurship certificate, business supervision certificate; Nicole L. Gary, nursing; Meaghan Anne Hainzer, nursing; Kelsey Lee Jano, nursing; Amanda Ilene Krause, respiratory therapist; Melissa S. Shaulis, nursing; Gregory Allen Svonavec Jr., medical laboratory technology (biotechnology option); Misty Dawn Woy, office technologies (legal assistant option);

 Stephens City, Va. — Tia Savolainen, dental hygiene; Stoystown, Pa. — William Franklin Sturtz, nursing; Robyn M. Taylor, nursing; Swanton — Jarrod B. Bever, radiologic technology; Sungvien Dawn Uber, respiratory therapist; Tyrone, Pa. — Leslie A. Burket, dental hygiene; Upper Marlboro — Madelyn Bookwalter, culinary arts;

 Warfordsburg, Pa. — Justin Wayne Berkstresser, applied technical studies; Ashley Brooke Diehl, radiologic technology; Wells Tannery, Pa. — Chelsy Souders, medical assistant; West Friendship — Jocelyn Nicole Frischkorn, dental hygiene;

 Westernport — Brittany Lynn Beavers, pharmacy technician certificate; Dakota C. Bradley, nursing; Joseph M. Dove, forest technology; tree care technician certificate; Keiley M. Vandergrift, pharmacy technician certificate; Travis J. Wilson, respiratory therapist; Wiley Ford, W.Va. — Vickie Diane Brown, applied technical studies, human service associate;

 Williamsburg, Pa. — Brittany Nicole Becker, dental hygiene; Tyler Brent McCall, respiratory therapist; Windber, Pa. — Ashley Shelbi Keyser, dental hygiene;

Wood, Pa. — Nicholas J. Chamberlain, computer technology (network option); Zullinger, Pa. — Conor L. Robinson, medical laboratory technology.