Cumberland Times-News

December 27, 2010

Wanted: Keyser High School supporters

Financial commitment to 2000 Club way to pay off lease agreement for athletic complex

Associated Press

— KEYSER, W.Va. — Keyser High School and the community have come up with an alternative way to raise much-needed funds for their new athletic complex. Through the formation of their 2000 Club, Principal Charles Wimer says, they will raise the just over $2 million needed to pay off the lease-to-purchase arrangement and have additional funds left over.

Theoretically, if 2,000 people joined the 2000 club and each each pledged $200 each year, that would not only pay for the lease purchase arrangement, but would also pay to finish the field. There are different payment options once someone joins the club. The $200 can be paid in one lump sum, in monthly payments of $16.67 or even weekly installments of $3.85.

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