This is an open letter to the people of Westernport. I have received several phone calls regarding my decision to resign from my position as commissioner for Westernport.

I would like to take this opportunity to address some of the issues that were brought up to me. For those of you who know me well, you know that I would be unable to stand by for the next two years and not be able to express my opinions regarding town concerns. I truly believe that the new mayor was not going to allow my voice to be heard.

Per the minutes from the town Council meeting in June, I read that a lady questioned the fact that a current commissioner is receiving extra pay to prepare the town budget.

I would like to state that, first, Commissioner Martin does a fine job with this every year and, secondly, he does it at a much lesser expense than any outside entity would even consider doing it for.

I would like to say to this person that instead of focusing on this cost, why not ask about the kids that are being hired as summer help? These kids are receiving approximately $1680 each week from the town to do jobs that our current town employees are perfectly capable of doing themselves. I wonder if this was not brought up because one of the kids that was hired was this lady’s grandson? Or perhaps because another is a commissioners son?

I also read in the newspaper where the town just hired a police chief. The town currently has a police lieutenant working 40 plus hours a week who is already handling the duties that a chief would handle. Keep in mind that this person would have no set schedule and could work (or not work) whenever they chose to do so.

The paper stated that Alan Hutcheson, a former police chief, who once had an on duty officer leave town limits to test his underage child for drinking, was the choice to be the new chief. After having the on duty Officer to perform this task for him, he instructed the Officer not to make a report of this.

Mr. Hutcheson admitted to this at a work session on Jan. 9, 2006, according to the minutes from that meeting. The minutes also state that Chief Hutcheson admitted that he did not have the right to ask the officer to come to his home and administer the test but needed a favor.

The mayor asked Mr. Hutcheson what he wanted him to do and Mr. Hutcheson stated he could terminate him. The mayor said he did not have a problem terminating Mr. Hutcheson but police commissioner Dick Legge said he had a problem with it and, if the chief left, so would he.

Talk about something not right and now we are paying those two people again? Is the town paying to recertify Mr. Hutcheson? Are we buying him a weapon? How is this saving the town money?

According to the minutes from the June 2008 council meeting, a gentleman had made some comments regarding remarks that I had made at the meeting prior to that. I would like to clarify for this person exactly what I said so he can have his facts straight.

I had stated that a large portion of the town vehicles ran on diesel fuel. These are the town vehicles that are ran on a daily basis and consume the most fuel. The town performed in internal audit on town expenses and it was found that approximately 4,000 gallons of gasoline were unable to be accounted for.

At no time did I ever state that the town did not own any gasoline burning vehicles. I said that most of the town trucks were used diesel. This gentleman also stated that the shut off list for water customers was not five pages long, as I stated it was, and that in fact it was much shorter.

I am not sure where this person is receiving his facts but I am sure that if he asked water Commissioner Martin that Mr. Martin would agree with me that the list of names was that long.

Could he have received his information from the person who allowed this list to get this long without doing anything about it? Perhaps. Why did this gentleman not address the statements that I made about the town employee who allowed another employee to receive pay for 80 hours when I have copies of the time cards that could not even prove that he worked 20 hours during this pay period?

This same employee also received overtime pay nearly every week when none of this is ever proven on his time card. I would estimate that this person received approximately $45,000 from the town of Westernport for one year when his time cards do not show that he should have received nearly this much pay. The person in charge of payroll did not feel it was necessary to bring these facts to anyone else’s attention. How many other employees has this happened to?

There was also a gentleman at the July 2008 council meeting, who refused to give his name according to the newspaper, stated that he felt it was a good idea that I stepped down from my commissioner position. This gentleman asked about any advancements in pay that I may have received and wanted to know if I owed the town any money.

I can assure you that I do not owe this town a penny. I worked for everything that I ever received during my time as a commissioner. However, if he would ever like to discuss with me who does owe the town then I would love to have that conversation.

We could discuss the town employees who stole from the town by purchasing auto parts on town accounts and only paid for these parts after my husband caught them and forced them to pay in order for them to keep their jobs. I wonder why this person never mentioned anything about this when he spoke at the meeting?

Finally, my last comment is regarding one of the selections that the new mayor made when appointing new commissioners. One of the people appointed was a person that cared so much about his council position that he did not even run in the last election to try to keep his seat. He refused to allow the people of Westernport to decide if they wanted him to remain a commissioner or not. I do not believe that this was a fair decision for the voters.

I would like to close by saying that I made a lot of good friends and met a lot of good people during my time as a commissioner for Westernport. Thank you to the people who stood behind me this past month during my health issues. The cards, letters, and calls mean a lot to me.

To our former mayor, Mr. Tom Smith, I would like to say that I can only hope that one day we will have a mayor who cares half as much for this town as you do. Your time and dedication was not unnoticed. I am sure that someone will have something to say about this letter and, by all means, that is your right to do so. But this is my final letter.

I have brought up some legitimate issues and what the people of Westernport chose to do about them is your choice. Thank you.

Tammy Kady


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