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April 8, 2011

Dale Jones’ 750/265 area high

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Dale Jones scored 750/265 in The Bowler’s County League to lead local area bowlers for the week. Darren Durbin was next high at that center rolling 740/268Tom Fairgrieve bowled a big 285 game in his 699 set.

At White Oak Lanes, Buck Lease was highest scoring 728/257. Jeremiah Howsare followed rolling 703/237.

Chris Riggleman was the top bowler at Rainbow Lanes scoring 716/258. Adam Braithwaite was next high bowling 691/265.

Shawn Opel’s 675/279 was the high mark at Sherwood Lanes. Derek Monahan followed rolling 661/245.

In the PBA Experience League at White Oaks, Bobby Lannon scored highest posting 673/268. Joe Mullenax and Mike Brobst were next scoring 662/245 and 656/248 respectively.

Vicki Coughlin was the area’s top lady bowler for the week rolling a big 268 game and 625 set at White Oak Lanes. Betty Gable was next high at that center rolling 604/224.

At The Bowler, Missy Yates was the top lady bowler for the week scoring 618/226. Crystal Uhl followed Yates rolling 615/257.

Sue Jones and Glendora White were Rainbow’s top ladies. Jones scored 545/216 and White rolled 529/187.

Alice Monahan bowled 540/220 at Sherwood Lanes.

Jack Klosterman was the area’s top senior bowler for the week rolling 660/245 at The Bowler. Don Peck scored 634/214 and Dolly Wolfe rolled 530/214 also at The Bowler. Senior, Peter Kelly rolled 582/207 at White Oaks.

Tanner Smith was the area’s top youth bowler for the week scoring 654/267 at White Oaks. Kasey Sullivan bowled 648/224 and Billie J Weems rolled 461/159. Michael Bane scored 617/236 at Rainbow and Danny Walch rolled 585/235 at The Bowler.

The scoring for the week seems to have suffered for some reason. Blame it on the weather. The hot and cold changes along with heating systems in the centers al have an effect and most of the time it is not to our advantage.

Making spares is always a problem for many of us. I read about a tip that may help our accuracy. For a right handed bowler, support much of the ball weight with your left hand during the pushaway, then point that arm away from your bowling arm parallel to the foul line. This helps to keep the shoulders square during the release and should help your accuracy. Good luck bowling and have fun striking out.

Note: Most of you know that the Awards Banquet will be Saturday, April 23, at the Cresaptown Eagles. Please let Autumn Gable know if you will be attending and if you are bringing a guest. Autumn Gable’s email address is, or call 301-707-7499, or 301-724-6262.

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