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February 16, 2012

Kaylor rolls 289 game, 759 series

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Keefe Kaylor rolled a big 289 game and 759 set at The Bowler to lead all area bowlers for the week. Kaylor’s score topped the list of eight 700’s at that center. Chad Taylor’s 733/251 was next high.

At Wilson Lanes, Scott Hixenbaugh bowled 750/267 for top billing. Bob Greene was next, rolling 722/265.

Chris Riggleman and Sinclair Dudley were the top bowlers for the week at Rainbow Lanes. Riggleman scored 717/267 and Dudley rolled 703/267.

Rob Shroyer bowled 710/244 for the week’s high at White Oak Lanes. Jeremiah Howsare was next high, rolling 703/242.

Jack Burner’s 645/237 was the high score at Sherwood Lanes. Rick Shiver was next, scoring 635/232.

In the PBA Experience League at White Oaks, Bobby Lannon was highest at 692/257. Troy Cubbage and Andy Alt were next with 636/247 and 632/255 respectively.

Crystal Uhl was the area’s top lady bowler for the week, rolling 627/226 in the Winchester Mixed League at The Bowler. Vicki Coughlin was next high at that center rolling 597/233.

Coughlin was also White Oak’s top lady scoring 595/224. Vicki Chisholm was next high for the ladies, rolling 559/216.

Sandy Hott’s 574/203 was Rainbow’s high for the ladies. Pam Brinkman followed with 568/234.

Sandy Smith was Wilson Lanes top lady for the week scoring 570/212. Pat Gwizdale’s 536/193 was next high.

Alice Monahan scored 486/198 at Sherwood Lanes.

Senior Ed O’Donnell bowled 560/203 and Bonnie Murphy rolled 511/200 at White Oak Lanes. Arlene Fatkin bowled 453/180 in The Bowler’s Antique Seniors League.

Kasey Sullivan was the area’s top youth bowler for the week, scoring 712/277 at White Oaks. Dylan Bean rolled 685/251 and Tanner Smith scored 663/236 also at White Oaks. Sullivan was also the high youth at The Bowler rolling 670/247. Randy Cubbage was next scoring 666/257. Jeff Hixenbaugh bowled 576/201 and the youth high at Wilson Lanes. Michael Bane scored 538/196 and Rainbow’s youth high.

There are very few two-handed bowlers in the area that have averages above the 150’s. It appears to me that the only time that two-handed bowling has the advantage is when the lanes are very dry as in the third game of four- or five-member team matches. That is when a particular line is fairly consistent on the normal house shot where boards one to ten are already dry.

The few bowlers that are able to control the rev rate and direction of the rotation have a better chance of making spares and thus improve their average. The best PBA two-handed bowlers are Jason Belmonte and Osku Palmera. These two also have trouble with missed spares and splits. I will admit that it is fun to watch those bowlers but if you’re serious about improving your average, I would advise you to change to a more conventional delivery.

Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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