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February 7, 2011

Buck Lease rolls perfect game during 716 set

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Buck Lease rolled a perfect game in the Appalachian Mixed League at The Bowler, scoring 716/300.

The area’s top bowler for the week was Rodney Helsley, who rolled 752/268. Lease was next high, bowling a 729/256 in addition to his 716/300.

Charlie Abernathy bowled 738/265 for the high at Rainbow Lanes. Terry Garlitz was next high, rolling 661/229.

Scott Hixenbaugh was the top bowler for the week at Wilson Lanes, scoring 728/258. Shane Nickleson’s 724/255 was next high on the top scoring list.

At Sherwood Lanes, Corey Gatian rolled 704/247 and was highest for the week. Derek Yates was next high, bowling 642/263.

Greg Smith scored 680/248 for the week’s high at White Oak Lanes. Chad Gable was next high, only a pin back, rolling 679/246.

In the PBA Experience League at White Oaks, Jeremiah Howsare was the leader, scoring 659/231. Bobby Benton and Joe Mullenax were next, rolling 651/266 and 626/244 respectively.

Dawn House was the area’s top lady bowler for the week, scoring 633/234 at The Bowler. Georganne Morris was next, rolling 616/225.

Michele Hitchens scored 587/232 at White Oak Lanes. Vicki Coughlin was next, bowling 563/205.

Sandy Hott’s 567/199 was Rainbow’s high for the ladies during the week. Lou Dille was next, scoring 552/201.

Wendy Atkinson bowled 565/204 at Sherwood Lanes.

Inella Zirk and Pat Gwizdale were the top ladies for the week at Wilson Lanes. Zirk scored 550/205 and Gwizdale bowled 526/198.

Senior Jim Edmands bowled 580/214 at White Oaks. Dolly Wolfe rolled 525/188 at The Bowler.

Matt Riley was the area’s top youth bowler for the week, scoring 686/279 at The Bowler. Danny Walch rolled 654/247, also at The Bowler.

Tanner Smith scored 672/245 at White Oaks and Daylynn Andrews rolled 610/220. Josh Myers bowled 599/237 at Rainbow and Dylan Pepper rolled 592/220 at Wilson Lanes. Ali Eller scored 562/222 at Sherwood Lanes.

In my last several columns I have discussed the importance of making spares. One of the major problems for beginning bowlers is they don’t have basic knowledge of the geometry (lane, arrows, pins and starting position) in order to make a reasonable adjustment for making that spare.

A reasonable approximation to that geometry is as follows:

1. At the pin deck, seven critical pins are in one line at 60 feet from the foul line.

2. These pins are the 7,4,8,5,9,6 and 10 and are in line with the dots on the approach and the target arrows (The pin centers are approximately 5 inches or 5 boards apart).

3. The distance form the foul line to the target arrows is close to 15 feet. The distance from the target arrows to the pin is then 45 feet — a one-to-three relationship (remember that: “1” to “3”).

4. Assume that your strike shot geometry is as follows:

a.) Your left shoe (right shoe for a lefty) inside surface is on the center dot of the approach, both at the start of your approach and ending at the foul line.

b.) Your target is the second arrow (the 10 board).

c.) Your strike shot at the pin deck is the 17 board.

5. Assume now that after your strike shot the 8 pin is still standing.

6. Your adjustment: Use your same target arrow as your strike shot and move your starting point on the approach 2½ to 3 boards to the right of your strike starting point (You want your ball to move from the 17th board to the 25th board, which is 8 boards at the pin deck. Your move on the approach is then about 3 boards to the right remembering the 3-to-1 relationship, similar triangles from your geometry class).

7. If you had left the 9 pin still standing, your adjustment would be: Ball movement wanted equal from the 17th board to the 15th board, or 2 boards to the right. The move on the approach is then about one board (2/3 of a board) to the left of your strike starting point.

Practice your spare shooting using the above procedures and I’m sure your average will improve.

Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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