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January 26, 2012

Dudley rolls perfect game at Rainbow Lanes

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Sinclair Dudley III rolled a perfect game and 781 set in Rainbow’s Men’s Civic League. Another perfect game scored at that center after skipping a week.

Chad Gable continues his hot streak at White Oaks. This week he had the area’s top score, bowling 821/279. Bobby Benton was next high at White Oaks rolling 727/279.

Dudley’s 781/300 was the week’s high at Rainbow followed by Bryan Jose’s score of 734/279.

Joe Buff led the scoring at Wilson Lanes bowling 773/268. Bill Kyle followed close behind rolling 771/277.

Keefe Kaylor’s 765/278 was the high mark for the week at The Bowler. Keith Tenney was only one pin back, rolling a big 290 game and 764 set. Andy Alt also rolled a 290 game in his 682 set.

In the PBA Experience League at White Oaks, Mike Brobst was highest, scoring 641/225. Chris Riggleman and Joe Mullenax were next. Riggleman rolled 636/232 and Mullenax scored 598/245.

Crystal Uhl was the area’s top lady bowler for the week rolling a big 246 game and 680 set. Reesa Allwine’s 582/185 was next high at that center.

Autumn Gable was highest of the White Oak ladies bowling 624/254. Stephanie Hawley’s 534/212 was next.

At Wilson Lanes, Pat Gwizdale rolled 574/204 and the ladies’ high for the week. Sandy Smith was next high scoring 555/201.

Pam Brinkman’s 564/204 was highest of the Rainbow ladies. Lou Dille was next scoring 540/202.

Senior Ray Foster scored 625/234 and Margie Anderson rolled 526/192 at The Bowler. Jim Edmands bowled 518/194 and Bonnie Murphy rolled 483/191 at White Oak Lanes.

Youth Danny Walch scored 695/279 and Mariah Snyder bowled 484/173 at The Bowler. Frank Llewellyn rolled 507/183 at Wilson Lanes.

Chad Gable’s current streak of big scores has other bowlers saying that it obviously helps a bowler to be involved in a bowling center so that you can practice whenever you want to.

I asked Chad, “How many practice games do you bowl during a week?” His answer was, “Not many, including league games, I bowl about 12 or 13 games a week.”

That surprised me. He is still working on things to improve his game however. A tip he passed along to me about how tight your thumb should fit in your bowling ball. “The tighter, the better,” he said. “Try to let your thumbnail rest against the surface of the hole. This will help to break the habit of “knuckling” the ball.”

Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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