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January 28, 2011

Tim Parsons perfect for first time during 638 set

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Wilson’s Tim Parsons bowled his first perfect game, scoring 683/300.

The area’s top score for the week was 762/289 scored by Paul Pryor at The Bowler. Darren Durbin was next high at that center, rolling 728/258.

At White Oaks, Jeremiah Howsare was highest, scoring 761/267. Jim Helminiak was next high, rolling 700/245.

Bobby Lannon was the top bowler at Rainbow Lanes, scoring 737/269. Alan Whetzel’s 707/244 was next high.

Bob Greene’s 732/259 was the week’s high at Wilson Lanes. Andy Howard was next high, bowling 730/277.

John Leptic Jr. bowled 715/235 for the week’s high at Sherwood Lanes. Doug Courtney was next high, rolling 690/238.

Bobby Lannon was also the leader for the week in the PBA Experience League at White Oaks. Lannon rolled 677/238, followed by Chad Gable and Butch Young. Gable bowled 650/237 and Young rolled 627/236.

Georganne Morris bowled a big 256 game and 644 set at White Oak Lanes and claimed top lady bowler honors for the week. Autumn Gable was next high, rolling 625/213.

Dawn House was highest for the ladies at The Bowler, scoring 642/247. Linda Gitt was next high, rolling a big 277 game and 619 set.

Wendy Atkinson was highest for the week of the Sherwood ladies, scoring 608/222. Alice Monahan was next, rolling 515/201.

At Rainbow Lanes, Pam Brinkman bowled 585/220 for the ladies high. Sandy Hott was next, scoring 560/208.

Stan Teets rolled 579/223 at The Bowler and was the area’s top senior bowler for the week. Jim Edmands bowled 549/212 at White Oak Lanes.

Daylynn Andrews was the area’s top Youth bowler for the week, scoring 726/276. Ryan Diehl rolled 703/269 at The Bowler. Matt Clark bowled 617/202 at Sherwood and Michael Bane rolled 604/242 at Rainbow. Nick Ward bowled 583/221 at Wilson Lanes.

With the weather so changeable during the last couple of weeks, it’s not surprising that scoring is also affected. The outside temperature and wind velocity as well as the center’s heating system all have an effect on how fast the lane oil evaporates, thus breaking down your line to the pocket.

The most important variable in any bowling match is the different bowling styles used by the bowlers. Who is using the same line as you are using? What type of equipment is being used? Hard plastic balls result in more carry-down and reactive resin balls soak up the oil. The oil on synthetic lanes moves around and on wood lanes the oil is more stable.

There are many more variables that bowlers should be aware of, and the primary defense is to watch your ball’s reaction on different parts of the lane. Then make your adjustment decision for the next time on that lane.

The lane condition changes after every ball that is rolled. Bowling really becomes guess on the adjustment and hope it’s the right one, then guess again for the next ball.

Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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