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January 21, 2012

Gable rolls another 300

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Chad Gable rolled another perfect game. This week it was in the Industrial League at White Oaks.

The area’s top bowler for the week was Bobby Benton who scored an 800 set with a high game of 287. Joe Mullenax was next high bowling 714/247. Gable’s 695/300 was next. Jack Hendershot rolled a big 289 game in his 677 set.

At Rainbow Lanes Jake Dyche was highest bowling 758/268. Randy Likens was next high rolling 752/274.

Matt Riley was highest at The Bowler scoring 738/259. Ron King’s 716/268 was next followed by a 712/278 score posted by Dale Jones.

Robbie Knieriem bowled 669/245 for the week’s high at Sherwood Lanes. Derek Yates was next rolling 660/255.

In the PBA Experience League at White Oaks, Chad Gable was highest scoring 714/255 (last week he scored 692/300). Mike Brobst and Bobby Lannon followed Gable rolling 639/240 and 627/230 respectively.

Autumn Gable was the area’s top lady bowler for the week scoring 605/219 at White Oak Lanes. Pat Skidmore’s 552/205 was next high for the ladies.

Pam Brinkman’s 570/191 was the ladies high at Rainbow. Katie Pownell rolled 551/207 for the second place spot.

Dawn House and Reesa Allwine were the top ladies at The Bowler. House bowled 563/197 and Allwine rolled 550/211.

Wendy Atkinson bowled 530/200 and Alice Monahan rolled 510/193 at Sherwood Lanes.

Ray Foster was the week’s top senior bowler for the week scoring 617/224 at The Bowler. Vivian Helsley rolled 555/205 also at The Bowler. At White Oaks, Jim Edmands bowled 556/201 and Loretta Stickley scored 537/183.

Danny Walch rolled 710/259 at The Bowler and was the week’s top youth bowler. Randy Cubbage rolled 653/227. At White Oaks, Tanner Smith bowled 612/213 and Kasey Sullivan rolled 601/235. Brent Schofield scored 572/213 at Rainbow Lanes.

Making spares is still the primary problem for most bowlers. I continue to advise that you must learn to throw a straight ball at spares in order to make a significant improvement in your bowling average. The two-handed bowling craze that seems to be attracting a number of young bowlers also subject to spare problems. Those bowlers must learn that lesson as well. It is not difficult to control the direction of the rotation using two hands but it is easier if you use a finger or two for the best accuracy.

Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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