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December 17, 2010

Greene leads week’s scoring; Walch near perfect 299

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Bob Greene bowled a pair of 700’s at Wilson Lanes during the week including the area-high 799/277. His 751/279 was next highest, followed by Craig Davis’ 724/279.

Troy Smith was highest at The Bowler, rolling 778/275. Ron Fatkin was next, scoring 750/266. There were several other big games, including Nathan Lowery’s 280 game in his 721 set, Andy Alt’s 290 game in his 687 set and Rodney Helsley’s 289 game in his 651 set.

More big games came from Jeremiah Howsare, who rolled a 290 game and 763 series for the Sherwood weekly high. Dave Shoemake was next highest, scoring 723/266. Larry Housel Sr. bowled a 289 game in his 692 set.

Jack Hendershot bowled 734/258 for the high at White Oaks. Troy Cubbage was next, rolling 709/265.

At Rainbow Lanes, Randy Likens scored 732/239 for that center’s high. Joe Shoemaker was next, rolling 720/269. Steve Zirk bowled a 284 game in his 660 set.

In the PBA Experience League, Bobby Lannon was highest, scoring 615/233. Mike Sipple and Joe Mullenax were next, rolling 608/247 and 606/218 respectively.

Georganne Morris was the area’s top lady bowler for the week, scoring 624/222 at The Bowler. Crystal Uhl was next highest at that center, rolling 611/211.

Bernie Tichnell’s 567/199 was the ladies high at Rainbow Lanes. Lou Dille followed, rolling 529/190.

Michele Hitchens bowled 566/211 for the White Oak’s high for the ladies. Shirley Squires was next high, scoring 556/222.

Julie Greene and Inella Zirk were the top ladies for the week at Wilson Lanes. Greene bowled 552/220 and Zirk rolled 543/193.

Wendy Atkinson was highest of the Sherwood ladies scoring 550/198. Peach Rounds was next, bowling 529/198.

Ray Foster was the top senior for the week, rolling 702/237 at The Bowler. Stan Teets bowled 644/231. At White Oaks, Brad Deter rolled 533/196.

Youth bowler Danny Walch had his best week of his career so far, rolling a 299 game and 721 series at The Bowler; and in Sherwood’s Youth/Adult League he scored 673/247. Danny is a junior at Mountain Ridge High. Kasey Sullivan bowled 597/218 at White Oaks. Jeff Hixenbaugh rolled 557/214 at Wilson Lanes and Michael Bane scored 548/221 at Rainbow Lanes.

Bowlers still need spare-shooting practice. Practice of this type will pay off in better accuracy and certainly will improve your average.

The high school bowling season is in full swing with several matches in the books. Plans have been made to have a Holiday Baker Tournament for the high school teams. It is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 30, 4 p.m., at Rainbow Lanes in Keyser.

Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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