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January 8, 2011

Yates 74/270 leads week

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Dave Yates rolled 747/270 at The Bowler and claims week’s top area bowling honors. Kevin Trowbridge was next high scoring 742/279 in the Harmony League.

At Wilson Lanes, Brett Stenberg was highest bowling 739/257 followed by Bob Greene who rolled 725/259.

Chad Gable bowled 734/258 for the week’s high at White Oak Lanes. Jeremiah Howsare was next high rolling 703/247.

At Rainbow Lanes Bill Smith III scored 717/257 for the week’s high. Alan Whetzel’s 705/254 was next high.

At Sherwood Lanes Steve Frost was highest for the week bowling 686/244. Jeremiah Howsare followed scoring 665/238.

Crystal Uhl was the area’s top lady bowler for the week scoring 643/222 at The Bowler. Vicki Coughlin was next high at that center rolling 577/202.

Alice Monahan rolled 633/223 at Sherwood followed by Wendy Atkinson’s 566/220.

Sandy Hott and Fran Cuthbertson were the top ladies at Rainbow Lanes. Hott bowled 596/215 and Cuthbertson rolled 552/193.

Autumn Gable’s 588/233 was the ladies’ high for the week at White Oaks. Stephanie Hawley was next rolling 579/216.

At Wilson Lanes, Julie Greene and Pat Gwizdale tied for top lady bowling honors for the week each rolling 542 sets. Greene’s high game was 197 and Gwizdale’s 193 game was her highest of the set.

Senior, Brad Deter bowled 516/180.

There were also limited scores reported this week for youth bowling. Jeremy Kunis was highest rolling 593/215 at The Bowler. Nick Ward rolled 554/218 at Wilson Lanes and Danny Walch scored 548/217 at Sherwood.

Last week’s Holiday Baker Tournament at Rainbow Lanes (held December 30th) showed how different the Baker format is from normal league bowling. In the Baker format a team of five bowlers each bowl two frames per game on the same lane. Bowler 1 bowls the first and 6th frame, Bowler 2 bowls the second and 7th and continues through to the tenth frame. The biggest variable in bowling is the changing oil conditions on the lane that you are bowling on. In league bowling with five team members, the lanes break down rather quickly so it seems that playing a big hook using the dry outside results in high scoring. In the Baker format it appears that straighter is better. It is also important to watch the other bowlers on your team so determine how fast the line you are bowling will change. In any event the differences are significant and offer more challenges to a developing bowler. Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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