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March 4, 2011

Cary Lowery latest to roll perfect game

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Cary Lowery rolled a 300 game and a 289 game in his 805 set at The Bowler and he was one of the two top area scorers for the week.

Lowery’s 805/300 and Erik Prinz’ 805/289 at The Bowler were the area’s top scores. Nathan Lowery scored 774/268 and Andy Alt rolled a big 280 game in his 735 set in the Winchester Mixed League.

At White Oaks, Chad Gable was highest rolling 780/266. Corey Shirey followed with 708/242.

Randy Likens bowled 759/278 for the week’s high at Rainbow Lanes. C.P. Sines was next with 740/278.

Brett Stenberg bowled 715/245 and 714/257 and was the week’s top bowler at Wilson Lanes. Justin Boyer’s 694/259 was next.

Jeremiah McKenzie bowled 672/233 for the Sherwood weekly high. Ralph Knieriem rolled 669/268.

In the White Oaks PBA Experience League, Mike Brobst’s 692/246 was tops followed by Joe Mullenax and Don Green. Mullenax scored 634/246 and Green rolled 614/209.

Crystal Uhl scored 685/267 and was the area’s top lady bowler for the week. Missy Yates was next rolling 656/252 at The Bowler. Robin Cosner also had a big game of 268 in her 642 set.

Monica Myers bowled 588/222 for the ladies’ high at Wilson Lanes. Jessica Judy was next at 512/191.

Georganne Morris scored 580/205 at White Oak Lanes and was that center’s high for the ladies. Michele Hitchens was next rolling 577/230.

Dee Self was Rainbow’s top lady for the week bowling 552/196. Lou Dille was second with 536/187.

Gina Hamm rolled a 223 game at Sherwood Lanes.

The area’s top senior was John Barbe who rolled 731/268 in the Golden Oldies League at The Bowler. Ray Foster scored 691/254 in the Antique Seniors League. At White Oaks, Jim Edmands rollled 561/208. Keni Watkins had 453/177 in Sherwood’s Early Birds Senior League.

Tanner Smith was the area’s top youth bowler with 718/246 at White Oak Lanes. Adam Brant rolled 660/277 in the Youth Strikers League at The Bowler. Ethan Dunkinson scored 628/230 at Sherwood Lanes and Dylan Pepper had 572/215 at Wilson Lanes. Michael Bane rolled 566/196 at Rainbow Lanes.

A stretch of nice weather seems to have made a big difference in the scoring at The Bowler where a total of 15 scores of 700 and higher were reported including a perfect game and two 800s (a couple of the leagues had two weeks of scoring). I would also add that new pins in the center might also have contributed to the increase.

Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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