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February 24, 2012

Rob Shroyer near perfect at 707/299

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Rob Shroyer bowled a near perfect 299 game and 707 set in White Oaks’ Tuesday Night Mixed League.

The area’s top bowler for the week was Wilson Lanes’ Brett Stenberg who rolled 758/278. Bob Greene was next high, scoring 735/275.

At White Oak Lanes, Chad Gable scored highest with a 739/278 count. Bobby Benton’s 723/269 was next high at that center.

Reuben Collins bowled 736/267 for the high at Rainbow Lanes. Tim Chapman followed scoring 683/246.

Kim Jackson rolled a big 290 game and 719 set for the Sherwood high mark for the week. Shawn Opel was next, scoring 655/223.

Tim Yutzy’s 713/259 was the week’s high at The Bowler. Curt Mullenax was next, rolling 698/247.

In the PBA Experience League at White Oaks, Bobby Lannon led the league’s scoring with a 661/236. A.J. Bishop and Rob Shroyer were next on the list, bowling 634/252 and 631/221 respectively.

Crystal Uhl was the area’s top lady bowler for the week, rolling a big 280 game and a 715 series at The Bowler. Dawn House was next high for the ladies at that center, scoring 579/207.

Michele Hitchins was White Oaks’ top lady, rolling 642/236. Vicki Coughlin followed, scoring 588/213.

Katie Pownell was Rainbow’s top lady, rolling 576/205. Linda Triplett was next, scoring 553/190.

At Wilson Lanes, Sandy Smith and Vickie DeSantis were the top scoring ladies for the week. Smith rolled 523/191 and DeSantis scored 518/192.

Alice Monahan bowled 520/204 at Sherwood Lanes.

White Oaks’ Jeff Talley was the area’s top senior for the week, scoring 592/243. Senior Jack Klosterman scored 577/203 at The Bowler and Ken Bucher rolled 559/211 at Sherwood.

Travis Veach was the area’s top youth bowler for the week, bowling 625/237 at Wilson Lanes. Dylan Bean scored 616/227 at White Oaks. Brent Schofield rolled 564/203 at Rainbow Lanes.

The PBA Scorpion Open on TV last Sunday was very revealing as to what the important attributes are to the top bowlers. The basic talent in delivery form is not necessarily the driving factor for winning tournaments. In the final match, Dom Barrett, the Englishman, showed smooth, seemingly effortless form in his delivery as well as a very positive mental attitude. Sean Rash also has a very smooth delivery. Unfortunately, his attitude is questionable. More like “fighting mad.” That mindset takes your focus away from the task at hand — making a quality delivery — and misses are the usual result.

Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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