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February 2, 2012

Bob Greene’s 816 leads area

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Bob Greene bowled a near-perfect 299 game and an 816 set at Wilson Lanes and was highest of the local area bowlers for the week. Scott Hixenbaugh was next high at Wilson, scoring 746/267. Clay Corbin rolled a big 290 game in his 707 set.

At The Bowler, Dave Yates set the week’s top mark, scoring 766/278. Tim Yutzy was next, rolling 715/269.

Chad Gable’s 737/269 was the week’s high at White Oaks. Seth Friend scored a 287 game and a 732 series for second place honors at that center.

Todd Simpson bowled 725/255 for the high mark at Rainbow Lanes. Tim Chapman was next, scoring 705/264.

Bobby Werner and Jack Burner were the week’s leaders at Sherwood Lanes. Werner rolled 657/253 and Burner scored 645/234.

Joe Mullenax was highest of the PBA Experience League bowlers for the week. Mullenax bowled 688/245. Jeremiah Howsare and Chad Gable were next, rolling 679/266 and 672/256, respectively.

Julie Greene was the area’s top lady bowler for the week, scoring 631/236 at Wilson Lanes. Sandy Smith followed, rolling 556/215.

Vivian Helsley was The Bowler’s top lady for the week, scoring 579/225. Nancy Yates was next, rolling 555/223.

At Rainbow Lanes, Dee Self was highest of the ladies, bowling 564/199. Sally Suter was next, only one pin back, scoring 563/213.

 Vivian Helsley also held the top ladies score for the week at White Oaks, bowling 561/196. Cathy Bittner was next high at that center, rolling 557/200.

Ali Eller bowled 532/183 and Gina Smith scored 517/226 at Sherwood Lanes.

Stan Teets was the area’s top senior bowler for the week, scoring 620/225 at The Bowler. Linda Grimes rolled 531/210. At White Oaks, Jim Edmands bowled 499/202 and Loretta Stickley rolled 490/180.

Frank Llewellyn bowled 662/233 at Wilson Lanes and was the area’s top youth bowler for the week. Danny Walch rolled 654/246 at The Bowler. Tanner Smith scored 649/255 and Kasey Sullivan rolled 619/244 at White Oak Lanes. Michael Bane bowled 582/222 at Rainbow Lanes.

The mild weather continues to reflect higher scoring on the lanes. Most bowlers still have problems making seven and 10-pin spares. The solution is, of course, practice and more practice.

Throw cross alley with as straight a ball as possible. Everyone can learn to throw straighter by trying different hand positions on the ball. Keep the palm of your hand directly behind the ball and during release you need to feel the weight of the ball on your fingers.

Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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