Cumberland Times-News

February 8, 2012

Sines & Simpson perfect at Rainbow

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— C.P. Sines and Todd Simpson both bowled perfect games in Rainbow’s Men’s Civic League. Sines was Rainbow’s top bowler for the week with a 766 set. Simpson scored 720/300. Rich Baker with a big score rolling 744/666.

Troy Cubbage was the area’s top bowler for the week scoring 775/268 at The Bowler. Cary Lowery followed rolling 752/279.

At Wilson Lanes, Rodney Kesner was highest rolling 725/258. Brett Stenberg followed bowling 706/266.

White Oak’s Mike Henrickson’s 711/256 was that center’s high for the week. Joey Brewer was next high scoring 705/257.

Derek Monahan and Jack Burner were Sherwood’s top bowlers scoring 650/186 and 646/237 respectively.

In White Oak’s PBA Experience League, Bobby Lannon rolled a big 725 set and a high game of 246. Mike Brobst and Bobby Benton were next high Brobst scored 681/257 and Benton rolled 618/213.

Crystal Uhl was the area’s top lady bowler for the week scoring 613/237 in The Bowler’s Winchester Mixed League. Dawn House was next high rolling 589/224.

Stephanie Hawley bowled 592/242 and was White Oak’s top lady for the week. Vicki Coughlin followed scoring 571/211.

Ali Eller bowled 576/223 and Gina Smith rolled 535/222 at Sherwood Lanes.

Pat Gwizdale bowled 569/193 at Wilson Lanes.

Monica Fortino was Rainbow’s top lady bowler for the week. Pam Brinkman was next rolling 545/206.

John Hott was this week’s top senior bowler scoring 615/235 at The Bowler. Arlene Fatkin bowled 528/194 also at The Bowler. Senior, Ed O’Donnell bowled 524/205 and Loretta Stickley rolled 510/188 at White Oak Lanes.

Dylan Bean bowled 673/247 and Daylynn Andrews rolled 653/226 at White Oaks and was the week’s top youth bowler. Frank Llewellyn bowled 592/206 at Wilson Lanes. Matthew Clark’s 571/204 was the top youth at The Bowler and at Rainbow, Michael Bane’s 545/201 was that center’s top youth for the week.

The unusually mild weather has probably contributed to the high scoring in most of the area bowling centers. The middle and late sections of the fall bowling seasons normally have the highest scoring performance resulting from many factors. In my opinion the most important variable in bowling is the effect that your team and your opponents have in the changes to the lane oil conditions. By the middle part of the season, many bowlers have learned what ball and what line works best by watching their own team members reactions during their best scoring. That information along with consistent lane conditioning produces the best results.

Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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