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January 2, 2011

Lannon perfect at Rainbow Lanes

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Bobby Lannon bowled a perfect game in his 707 set at Rainbow Lanes.

Jeremiah Howsare rolled 731/257 at Sherwood Lanes and was the week’s top area bowler. Kim Jackson was next at that center scoring 671/236.

At White Oak Lanes, Troy Smith was highest bowling 726/269 followed by Derek Yates’ 710/279.

Cary Lowery’s 724/286 was The Bowler’s high for the week. Jack Klosterman was next rolling a couple of 700s, 708/278 and 701/253. Nathan Lowery scored a big 287 game in his 696 set and Dwayne Diehl rolled a 288 game in his 641 set.

At Wilson Lanes, Bob Greene bowled a trio of 700s including the center’s high of 712/258. He also rolled 706/245 and 702/267 followed by Clay Corbin’s 691/258.

Lannon’s 707/300 was the week’s high at Rainbow. Joe Shoemaker was next rolling 703/276.

Sandy Hott was the area’s top lady bowler for the week scoring 594/216 at Rainbow. Imogene Garlitz followed rolling 523/182.

Lori Fetters of the Harmony League was the top lady at The Bowler scoring 584/223. Dawn House was next at 574/228.

    Pat Gwizdale was the high lady at Wilson Lanes scoring 582/209. Heather Ludwick was next high rolling 533/198.

Autumn Gable bowled 564/232 for the White Oak’s high. Michele Hitchens scored 532/189 to be the next highest at White Oaks.

Barb Miller rolled 520/201 and it was the ladies high for the week at Sherwood.

Senior Brad Deter bowled 574/241 at White Oak Lanes.

Youth bowler Trey Bennett scored 598/213 at The Bowler. Patrick Russell rolled 574/212 at Sherwood Lanes in the Sunday Youth/Adult League.

In last week’s column I discussed the importance of accuracy in the sport especially for spare shooting.

Accuracy is also an important consideration in deciding what delivery technique you should concentrate on improving. The latest technique of interest is the two-handed delivery. I would imagine that many bowlers think that it may be worth trying and maybe lead to a switch in how you bowl.

I think that the PBA TV show of last week should be enough to cool some of that optimism. Although Finland’s Osku Palermaa won the PBA’s GEICO Shark Championship by defeating top seed Dan MacLelland 173-149, it demonstrated that the big hook generated by the two handers does not lead to very high scoring when the lanes break down as they normally do in league matches with four and five member teams.

The semifinal match with Australia’s Jason Belmonte was also low scoring, 182-176 with Palermaa advancing to the championship match. Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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