Cumberland Times-News

January 13, 2011

Near-perfect 299’s by Pryor, Fatkin, Kesner

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— A number of big games were rolled during the week including three 299’s, a 290, two 289’s, a 286 and two 280’s.

Cary Lowery rolled 768/268 at The Bowler and was the area’s top-scoring bowler for the week. Bill Lotz’s 758/279 was next, followed by Paul Pryor’s 756/299. Ron Fatkin scored a 299 game in his 679 set and Travis Walters posted a 280 game in his 675 set.

At Rainbow Lanes, Bobby Lannon was highest for the week, scoring a big 286 game and 766 set. Chris Riggleman was next, followed by Kevin Mansfield and Jeff Meyers, each rolling big games. Their scores were 755/289, 741/280 and 705/290 respectively.

Scott Hixenbaugh was the leader for the week at Wilson Lanes, bowling 745/267. John Ellifritz was next high, rolling 739/267. Rodney Kesner bowled a big 299 in his 709 set and Brett Stenberg scored a 289 game in his 693 set.

Mike Brobst rolled 731/248 for the high at White Oak Lanes. A.J. Bishop was next high, rolling 707/257.

Ralph Knieriem was the top bowler for the week at Sherwood Lanes, scoring 702/246. Tom Fairgrieve Jr. was next high, rolling 690/251.

In the PBA Experience League at White Oaks, Mike Brobst was highest, rolling 705/254. Jeremiah Howsare’s 702/235 was next, followed by Mike Sipple’s 663/268.

Stephanie Miller scored 645/238 in The Bowler’s Friday Gems League and was the area’s top lady bowler for the week. Crystal Uhl was next, rolling 613/220.

Julie Greene bowled 640/269 and was highest of the Wilson Lanes’ ladies. Pat Gwizdale’s 587/234 was next high.

Autumn Gable and Stephanie Hawley were the top ladies at White Oaks, each scoring 633 sets. Gable’s high game was a 247 and Hawley’s was a 224.

Dee Self bowled 584/205 for the Rainbow week’s high for the ladies. Pam Brinkman’s 552/196 was next high

Alice Monahan rolled 514/220 at Sherwood, followed by Wendy Atkinson scoring 513/189.

Senior Jug Bittinger rolled 538/192 at The Bowler and Helen Uncapher bowled 513/183 at White Oak Lanes.

Youth bowler Danny Walch scored 698/247 at The Bowler and was the area’s top youth for the week. Matt Riley, also at The Bowler, was only three pins back, rolling 695/266. Daylynn Andrews bowled 696/268 and Tanner Smith rolled 687/247 at White Oaks. Walch also bowled 505/186 at Sherwood and Sarah Bryan scored 436/149 at Rainbow Lanes.

In the new eBowler magazine an interesting article discussed “the pesky corner pins.” For right-handed bowlers the 10-pin leave normally means that you were either high or low on your shot. The article stated that when you see the six pin go around the 10, your shot was light. If you don’t see the six pin flying, I guess that means that the shot was high.

I think that is probably true but it may be easier to keep your eyes on your ball and see where it enters the pit. When the ball gets too far to the left of the nine pin, you are getting a bit too high in your shot. I know that many times it takes out the eight pin and still all the pins fall. I still think that you should move a half a board left to correct that shot as well (again, for right-handed bowlers).

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Howard “Pete” Peterson covers bowling for the Cumberland Times-News. You can reach him at petesbowling@