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April 30, 2011

John Ellifritz week’s top bowler

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— John Ellifritz bowled 765/275 at Wilson Lanes and was the area’s top bowler for the week. Bob Greene was next high at that center, rolling 760/279.

Troy Cubbage scored 742/269 at White Oaks for the week’s high. Mike Hall, bowling 732/267, was next high.

At The Bowler, Curt Mullenax’ 732/263 was the week’s high followed by Cary Lowery’s 724/265. John Wolford rolled a big 289 game in his 718 set and Dale Jones also with a 289 game in his 702 set.

Chris Riggleman was highest at Rainbow Lanes scoring 701/267. Bob Hickey was next high, rolling 651/236.

J.R. Monahan Jr. bowled 687/257 for the Sherwood weekly high. Jeff Bell’s 650/243 was next.

In the PBA Experience League Joe Mullenax was on top of the scoring list, rolling 650/235. Chad Gable and Jeremiah Howsare were next, each scoring 640/226.

Georganne Morris was the top lady bowler for the week, scoring 662/247 in the ABL Mixed League at The Bowler. Missy Yates followed, rolling 650/258.

Morris also led the White Oak ladies, scoring 606/230. Autumn Gable’s 567/227 was next.

Julie Greene’s 562/201 was ladies high for the week at Wilson Lanes. Kim Hannas followed, scoring 523/212.

Dee Self was the top lady for the week at Rainbow Lanes, bowling 552/203. Bernice Tichnell and Katie Pownell were next, each rolling 541 sets.

Sherwood’s Wendy Atkinson bowled 534/199 and Alice Monahan rolled 508/178.

Jim Edmands was the area’s top senior for the week, bowling 707/266 at White Oak Lanes. Brad Deter rolled 600/246. Senior John Barbe scored 613/214 at The Bowler and Arlene Fatkin rolled 518/195.

Danny Walch was the area’s top youth bowler for the week, scoring 679/258 at The Bowler. Dylan Bean rolled 589/220. Tanner Benson bowled 624/248 and Tanner Smith rolled 614/233 at White Oaks. Mystie Benson rolled 523/181 also at White Oaks. Michael Bane scored 534/199 at Rainbow Lanes.

If you missed the awards banquet last weekend, you missed a good meal at the Cresaptown Eagles and also friendly socializing with other bowlers in the area.

The size of the group seems to be getting smaller every year so it’s time we start inviting friends (not necessarily bowlers) to double with us. Get the word out that bowling is a great way to get away from the day-to-day stress and get some needed exercise as well.

As for myself, an 81-year-old senior, I found out that Margie Anderson (also 81) rolled a 238 game last week. I haven’t had a game that high in a long time. Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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Howard “Pete” Peterson covers bowling for the Cumberland Times-News. Write to petesbowling