Cumberland Times-News

January 21, 2011

Greene’s 780/276 highlights busy week

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Associated Press

— Wilson Lanes’ Bob Greene bowled three 700’s during the week including the area’s top score of 780/276. Joe Shoemaker was next at that center rolling 773/244.

Chad Taylor scored highest at The Bowler rolling 768/275. Buck Lease was next bowling a near perfect 299 game and 765 set. Jeremy Alt scored a 289 game in his 698 set. A total of 16 700’s were rolled at The Bowler for the week.

At Rainbow Lanes, Bobby Lannon was at the top of their scoring list rolling 736/246. Steve Capaldi was next rolling a big 280 game and 725 set. Other big games: Chris Riggleman’s 289 game and 689 set, Steve Zirk’s 289 game and 684 set and Bryan Jose’s 290 game and 660 set.

Chad Gable bowled a 288 game and 718 set and Bill Patch scored 718/267 for the week’s top scores at White Oak Lanes. Greg Smith close behind rolling 717/266.

Bruce Shirey was Sherwood’s top bowler for the week scoring a big 289 game and 699 set. Butch Young was next rolling 686/232.

In the PBA Experience League at White Oaks, Mike Brobst was the week’s leader bowling 707/249. Bobby Lannon was next rolling 623/227. Jeremiah Howsare followed scoring 611/227.

Michele Hitchens was the area’s top Lady bowler for the week scoring 603/226 at White Oaks. Georganne Morris was next at that center rolling 582/214.

Alice Monahan bowled 587/227 for Sherwood’s high for the ladies. Wendy Atkinson’s 535/193 was next.

At The Bowler, Georganne Morris was the top lady scoring 587/214. Dawn House followed rolling 551/216.

Sandy Hott bowled 549/219 for the ladies high at Rainbow. Dolly Sharpless was next scoring 522/202.

Marti Fisher and Pat Gwizdale were the leading ladies at Wilson Lanes. Fisher bowled518/198 and Gwizdale rolled 507/185.

Senior Jack Klosterman scored 676/245 at The Bowler and Ray Foster rolled 654/226. Darrell Boatman bowled 639/257. Jim Edmands bowled 570/198 at White Oaks. Senior Milton Fairgrieve rolled 4542/172 at Sherwood.

Matt Riley was the area’s top youth bowler for the week scoring 731/266, his first 700 series at The Bowler. Danny Walch rolled 652/259. Kasey Sullivan scored 661/243 and Tanner Smith rolled 645/234 at White Oaks. Dylan Pepper scored 571/217 at Wilson Lanes. Ali Eller rolled 556/221 at Sherwood and Josh Myers scored 532/199 at Rainbow Lanes.

In my weekly columns I have been trying to convince bowlers to concentrate on accuracy and certainly practice their spare shooting. Making spares is the most important part of the game that elevates a bowler to the next highest level. Spare shooting practice should include working on throwing a straight ball at all of your single pin spares. That takes the oil conditions out of the equation and further increases your odds of making the spare. Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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