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May 6, 2011

Corbin rolls highest set, game of week

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Clay Corbin was close to a perfect game, scoring 777/298 at Wilson Lanes, which was the week’s high for area bowlers. Craig Davis was next high at that center, rolling 768/279. Tommy McDonald bowled a 290 game in his 691 set.

Cary Lowery was highest at The Bowler, scoring a big 288 game and 761 set. John Wolford was next high, rolling 728/269.

At White Oak Lanes, Mike Sipple was also close to a perfect game, bowling 735/298. Buck Lease followed, scoring 674/248.

In the PBA Experience League Sipple was also the scoring leader for the week. Mike’s 768/278 was followed by Joe Mullenax’s 679/237 and Bobby Benton’s 674/257.

Vivian Helsley was the top lady bowler for the week, rolling 605/224 at The Bowler. Robin Cosner’s 577/226 was next high at that center.

Felicia Deremer bowled 603/227 at White Oaks and was the ladies’ leading scorer. Autumn Gable was next, scoring 544/200.

At Wilson Lanes, Julie Greene rolled 545/204 and Monica Myers scored 508/190.

Senior, Brad Deter bowled 610/223 at White Oaks, and Stan Teets rolled 596/211 at The Bowler.

Youth bowler, Danny Walch bowled 680/254 and Kasey Sullivan rolled 636/238 at The Bowler.

This will probably be my last regular column for this bowling season. If there is important news that bowlers should have, I will try to get that info into the sports section of the Times-News.

Summer Leagues are forming at the local centers and some good deals are available for practice sessions. Summer is a good time to sharpen your skills with some new equipment. You may also want to try experimenting with your delivery technique. Spare practice is always important. In my case, some practice is always necessary to keep the rust out of the joints.

Let me know about tournament results and hopefully I will be back with a regular column in the fall.

Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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