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February 9, 2011

Fetters to be awarded for 298 game

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Rick Fetters, in The Bowler’s Harmony League, scored 703/298 and will receive an award from USBC for the 298 game and his 11 strikes in a row.

Nathan Lowery was the area’s top scorer for the week, rolling 767/267 at The Bowler. Buck Lease was next high, bowling 760/279. Two other big games were Shawn Evans’ 693/288 and Dave Yates’ 711/280.

Shane Nickleson bowled 758/269 for the week’s high at Wilson Lanes. Scott Hixenbaugh followed at 725/258.

At Rainbow Lanes, C.P. Sines scored 751/258 to lead their bowlers. Jeff Meyers was next, rolling 729/279.

Troy Cubbage’s 715/268 was White Oak’s high for the week, followed by A.J. Bishop’s 711/267 and Jack Hendershot’s 711/255.

Corey Gatian and Dave Richards Jr. were the week’s top bowlers at Sherwood Lanes. Gatian scored 690/266 and Richards rolled 658/221.

 In the PBA Experience League, Chad Gable bowled 687/256 with the league’s high for the week. A.J. Bishop and Jack Hendershot were next, scoring 673/256 and 626/223, respectively.

Dawn House was the area’s top lady bowler for the week, scoring 656/246 at The Bowler. Robin Cosner followed, rolling 603/211.

Autumn Gable bowled 625/225 for the ladies’ high at White Oaks. Michele Hitchens was next, scoring 614/246.

Sandy Hott and Sue Jones were the top ladies at Rainbow Lanes. Hott rolled 560/211 and Jones scored 542/226.

Alice Monahan bowled 541/198 and Peach Rounds scored 532/185 at Sherwood Lanes.

Julie Greene rolled 534/197 for the ladies’ high at Wilson Lanes. Janine Buff was next, scoring 520/202.

John Corbin scored 620/217 in The Bowler’s Golden Oldies Seniors League. Jug Bittinger rolled 562/222 and Margie Anderson bowled 549/227.

Tanner Smith was the area’s top youth bowler for the week, rolling 644/223 and Daylynn Andrews bowled 632/235, both at White Oaks. Dylan Bean scored 629/258 and Jeremy Kunis rolled 623/212 at The Bowler. Michael Bane bowled 625/217 at Rainbow and Matt Clark rolled 556/195 at Sherwood Lanes.

In my last column the discussion on lane geometry got a bit long and also left out some of the important details.

The pins at the pin deck are placed exactly on 12-inch centers and the boards are a little over one inch wide. The 39 boards cover the lane width of 41 to 42 inches. Therefore 5½ boards is probably a better number for the distance between the seven pins that we assume are in one line across the lane. You still have to take into account the amount of oil during a cross lane shot and that will change when the lanes dry out.

Work with your spare game and make adjustments from your strike position whenever you can use that 1-to-3 relationship. Most importantly, become accurate on rolling over your target arrow/board.

Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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